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Hate wasting soap? These upside-down bottle-emptying lids are down to $3 apiece

Thrifty shoppers use these 'Shark Tank' finds to get every last drop of toiletries, condiments and more.

How often have you had to toss out a bottle of shampoo knowing full well there was still an inch of product that you couldn't get? And in this economy, no less! Avoid this sad scenario in the future, thanks to a clever invention called the Flip-It! Bottle-Emptying Kit. This Shark Tank alum is exactly as it sounds: a series of lids that act as tripods of sorts to keep bottles propped upside down, allowing the last of your product to reach the opening. (Yeah, we wish we'd thought of it too.) A six-pack is marked down to $18 at Amazon.

You're going to flip out over this popular Shark Tank find — in the best possible way.

$18 at Amazon

The price for this bottle flipper hasn't dipped much lower than it is now since 2018, and with this markdown, you're only paying $3 per stand. By comparison, the single pack sells for nearly $10 — 'nuff said! And no one needs to hear about how expensive shampoos and lotions are these days. Every bit counts.

Reducing waste is always an admirable goal, whether it's financial or environmental. In this case, it's both: With the Flip-It! Bottle-Emptying Kit, you'll be able to use up all of the hand soap, dish soap, even ketchup your hard-earned money paid for while extending the time until you have to open another container.

Of course, we've all tried leaning upside-down bottles against the wall of the shower, sink or fridge, and we know how that typically ends. Not only do they tend to fall over or slide to the floor, they also store the product at a strange angle, meaning you're still not getting all of it in the end.

This kit includes six stands and six adapters (two small, two medium and two large) to fit over 90% of plastic bottles. The stands each have three legs to keep bottles stable, and several gaskets are included to help prevent leaks. As far as cleanup goes, these little doodads are dishwasher-safe and reusable.

a bottle of hand soap flipped upside down via a purple bottle-emptying lid
Who knew something as unassuming as a bottle-emptying lid could make life so much easier? (Amazon)

Nearly 10,000 Amazon customers are flipping their lids over this bottle-emptying kit — might you be next?

"I'm one of those penny-pinching people always balancing bottles on top of one another to get out ALL the contents ... and usually ending up with a big mess because the bottles fall over, so this product was made for me!" gushed one satisfied shopper. "It works wonderfully — very sturdy and simple to use. I haven't had any problems with leaks so far."

"Why do bottles not come like this?" mused another. "This has been so convenient for getting the rest of the shampoo and conditioner from the big bottles. I have been able to use [them] on several bottle sizes, no leaks! No more wasted product or cutting bottles open to scrape the bottle! Getting these as gifts for all the people in my life, everyone needs these!"

"These are so awesome for expensive condiments, shampoo, hand sanitizer, lotions and more!" exclaimed a third. "No more banging the bottle in my palm or on the counter to get the last little bit out. Just let gravity do the work for you. ... Two men at work were amazed and one even had me order a set for him!"

Some reviewers agreed with this user, who wrote, "Only complaint I have is some product squeezes out of the bottom of the pull-top. [It's] easily washed off, though."

"I love that they fit any bottle and that all of the parts are reusable," wrote a final fan. "Now, if they could make a neutral-colored set, I'd be even happier. But I'd recommend these to others either way!" (This kit comes in bright and pastel color options.)

Don't move as slow as honey — grab this sweet deal while you can.

$18 at Amazon

And while we're on the subject of bottle accessories, how about a No. 1 bestselling funnel set?

With this assortment, you're getting two small and two large funnels to make transferring contents from one container to another a breeze. Their collapsible design allows for easy storage, and they're also heat-safe.

"I hated having funnels in the way because I don't use them very often," shared a reviewer. "These fit in my silverware drawer and they aren't in the way. I love them. I thought stuff might get caught in the collapsible sides but it never does."

$7 at Amazon

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