Heartbreaking find dumped in Aussie park as temperatures hit 35C

A Sydney council is investigating a litter of one-week old puppies being dumped at a park in the city's southwest.

A litter of 12 newborn puppies are lucky to be alive after they were crammed inside a cardboard box and dumped in the blistering sun at a Sydney park.

The staffys were left without shade in temperatures as high as 35 degrees in Edensor Park, situated in the city's southwest, on Tuesday morning.

"A member of the public found them in a tiny, little cardboard box. By the time the ranger got there to pick them up, they were panting and extremely hot," Lisa Younes from Pound Patrol told Yahoo News Australia.

The dumped dogs can be seen in a cardboard box.
The dogs were dumped in a cardboard box at Edensor Park in Sydney's southwest. Source: Facebook

After being dumped by an unknown person, it is believed the one-week-old dogs were in the park for "a couple of hours" before they were collected by a council ranger and safely transported to the animal shelter.

"They all had a good feed as soon as they were dropped off. I assessed them for any abnormalities and they all came across very healthy," Ms Younes said, however only time will tell what impact the incident will have on the puppies — with dumping known to have negative impact for those animals who experience it.

"They've had to live life out there in survival mode, it takes us time to get dogs to unwind and get them ready to be able to be adopted again and out into society."

Fairfield City Council confirmed with Yahoo News there is an open investigation into the dumping.

Increase in number of dogs being dumped

Dogs are being surrendered at an alarming rate across Australia, with factors such as the rising cost of living and post-lockdown freedom responsible for the majority of rehoming centres being at full capacity.

Despite Blacktown City Council funding $36 million into a new rehoming centre in western Sydney to help combat the rising issue, the new Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC) has an ever-increasing demand for their facility since opening in June.

The dogs can be seen on a blanket (left) and being fed milk (right).
Lisa Younes from Pound Patrol is currently caring for the unwanted pets. Source: Supplied

"BARC has experienced a significant increase in the number of dogs being brought in to the centre," it told Yahoo News.

However, there is an "alarming" increase in the number of dumping incidences occurring, with rescuers believing this is due to owners hoping to avoid surrender fees which cover the costs associated with caring for unwanted pets.

Surrender fees vary depending on council area and state, however, Blacktown residents pay $292 plus GST to surrender their dogs, with non-residents paying around $510. Like many rehoming centres, BARC aims to address and solve issues people are facing when it comes to pet ownership in the hope to keep animals out of pounds.

"The surrendering of an animal to BARC initiates a process with the owner of that animal. Where possible, the animal remains in the care of the owner until a rehoming can occur," Blacktown City Council said. "For your pet to thrive and live their best life, owners need to make a time and financial commitment and provide a safe and stimulating environment."

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