Heartland Is Back! Watch Band's Music Video for 'No Tomorrow' as They Welcome New Lead Vocalist (Exclusive)

"No Tomorrow" is Heartland's first single in over a decade

Heartland is back and better than ever!

In light of the band's return, PEOPLE is exclusively premiering the music video for their first single in over a decade titled "No Tomorrow." This time around, the band — who disbanded in 2012 — has welcomed new lead vocalist Lance Horton.

"Lance was introduced to Todd and myself a number of years ago and he and I had recently been in studio working on some tunes together — at that point it was more of a duo really," Craig Anderson tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"During the process of building our team I was asked if I would ever consider recording again under the Heartland name. I have been asked that numerous times over the years and had always shied away from it but this time it just seemed kinda right," he adds. "I knew I would only do it if my brother [Todd Anderson] and Mike [Myerson] were onboard, so I set up a conference call with them and we just chatted some."

<p>Justin Mayotte</p>

Justin Mayotte

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During that conference call, Craig says his former bandmates were "caught off guard" but "totally into it." Then, everything fell into place and Horton was "a natural fit."

As for "No Tomorrow," the music video was shot at Mars Music Hall at the Von Braun Center in the band's hometown of Huntsville, Alabama.

"It’s such a wonderful venue and it really was perfect for the video shoot. Once we got onstage, we just did what we do," Myerson says. "Live performance is the absolute best part of this business. It’s the best way to express yourself. It’s the best way to connect with people. It’s what we love!"

The band's return was all about timing: "We’ve been rebuilding this again from the ground up and have an excellent team backing us at all levels. It’s time for everyone to see what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got in store for everyone," Craig says. "We know our fan base, we know ourselves, and we know the time is right. I’m not sure I can say it any other way."

<p>Justin Mayotte</p>

Justin Mayotte

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As they enter their new era as a band, Heartland — which was founded in 1994 by singer Jason Albert, brothers Craig and Todd, Chuck Crawford, Myerson and Keith West — will always "stay true to our roots and protect the history we're so proud of."

"We are incredibly proud of our past, and the love that fans have shown us through the years is truly remarkable! 'I Loved Her First,' has allowed us to bond with people in such a personal way… it’s a blessing that we never take for granted," says Todd.

He adds, "With that said, we believe that our fans have grown and evolved with us through the years. The new music definitely has an updated sound, but it’s very authentic and true to who we are right now. As a band, we focus on growth and giving country music fans what they deserve to hear at a big arena show, while still paying proper respect to where we come from."

"No Tomorrow" is out Friday.

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