A Heated Debate Broke Out On 'The Today Show' Over a Place You Should NEVER Eat

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Hoda & Jenna Ignite Debate On Eating In BedNBC - Getty Images

There are two types of people in this world: those who will eat a five-course meal worth of snacks in bed, and those that are absolutely appalled at the idea. Case in point: The Today Show's Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager.

During a segment inspired by the TikTok viral hashtag #snackdrawerundermybed, which includes exactly the kind of content you'd expect (people with actual snack drawers under their bed), Kotb and Bush Hager delved into a spirited debate on the subject.

"There's a new trend for people who are like-minded," Kotb explained, after admitting to her own passion for a late night snack. "People are now developing a snack drawer under their bed. Where look, they put their snacks in."

It wasn't so much the snack drawer that inspired the debate though. In fact, Bush Hager vowed to gift Kotb one for Christmas. Rather, it was Jenna's horror over Hoda's snack of choice: Ritz crackers.

"So, a lot of people like to snack in bed... I feel you and I'm with you. A sleeve of Ritz crackers is good to have. Nice and buttery," Kotb said, to which Bush Hager immediately responded, "disagree."

"Can you imagine what a sleeve, first of all, of Ritz crackers, does to your sheets?" Bush continued. And while Hoda argued that it's "cozy" to eat in bed, Jenna wasn't having it. "It's crumby."

Naturally, the internet had thoughts. "No. No food in the bedroom. That’s an invite for bugs. Yikes," one user wrote on Instagram. "Team Jenna! All the crumbs equals bugs," another added. However, there were plenty of Kotb fans in the mix too.

"I'm with Hoda on this one," one person commented, while another chimed in writing, "Hoda!!! Me too!"

Of course, Kotb herself has made her bed snacking habits no secret. Just earlier this month, The Today Show personality shared a breakfast in bed moment with her daughter. "Lots love. Eternally grateful! ❤️❤️❤️," she wrote on the social media platform. Good thing Jenna wasn't around for it.

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