Heather Graham is jealous of Brandy's perfect life in “Best. Christmas. Ever!” trailer

Brandy Norwood is here to spread some early holiday cheer — but Heather Graham isn't too happy about it.

Netflix unveiled the first trailer for Best. Christmas. Ever! on Tuesday, starring Norwood and Graham as two estranged friends who unexpectedly cross paths just in time for the Yuletide season. But instead of a joyous reunion, jealousy sparks tension in their relationship as Graham's Charlotte starts searching for flaws in her friend's life.

Every year, Jackie (Norwood) sends out a holiday newsletter highlighting her picture-perfect life, which drives her old college pal crazy. But when a twist of fate brings Charlotte to Jackie's doorstep, she schemes to uncover the truth behind her cheery smile. There's just one problem: What if Jackie's life really is as perfect as it seems?

The trailer sees Charlotte going to great lengths — including a snowy balcony leap — in her search for answers. But rather than discovering secrets in Jackie's life, she might have to learn a thing or two about herself.

Can holiday cheer bring two friends back together? Based on every Christmas special that's ever existed, the answer is probably yes. But it will take lots of high jinks, bonding, and at least one hot air balloon ride to get them there.

Best. Christmas. Ever! hails from Mary Lambert, the director best known for Pet Semetary, who also made her holiday debut with 2021's A Castle For Christmas.

Brandy in 'Best. Christmas. Ever!'
Brandy in 'Best. Christmas. Ever!'

Scott Everett White/Netflix Brandy in 'Best. Christmas. Ever!'

"Heather's character just doesn't like Christmas. It makes her feel inadequate. And I think there's a lot of people that feel that way sometimes," Lambert told Today recently. "And then there are people like Brandy's character, who embrace the joy and the fun and the belief (of) the season."

She added that the film, which also stars Jason Biggs and Matt Cedeño as Charlotte and Jackie's husbands, is "a sweet, romantic movie, but with a little edge."

Best. Christmas. Ever! makes hits Netflix on Nov 16. Watch the trailer above.

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