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Helen Mirren trusts this unexpected gel — only $16 — for all her on-the-go skin-care emergencies

We're obviously big fans of Helen Mirren here — and honestly, who isn't? The Dame is an absolute icon of class, talent and ageless glamour, and every time she shares one of her beauty secrets, we sit up and take note. In an "Inside My Beauty Bag" interview with Harper's Bazaar UK, Mirren shouted one one item she depends on that took us by surprise: a topical colloidal silver gel, like the Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel. We know that colloidal silver has been the topic of much debate and controversy in the last few years ... but we figured if Helen loves it, it's worth looking into!

Helen Mirren says that a dab of this gel "just magically sort of resolves" unexpected skin problems, like rashes or irritation.

$16 at Amazon

So... (Jerry Seinfeld voice) what's the deal with Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel? Let's begin with what Dame Helen herself said about a very similar product: "This is very interesting," noted the Oscar-winning actress as she pulled the gel out of her makeup bag. "I do like to travel with this, because you know, when you're traveling all sorts of things can happen to your skin ... you can get a rash or something can go wrong, and this [colloidal silver gel] ... a little dab of that on, if you have a rash or something going wrong with your skin, a dry patch, this stuff just magically sort of resolves it. I do recommend it."

Due to some pandemic-era controversy, colloidal silver can be seen as a contentious ingredient. However, in this case, there's a major difference between the widely debated consumption of colloidal silver versus the use of the ingredient topically, as with this gel. Colloidal silver was first used topically to treat infections and wounds before antibiotics were widely available, and while the FDA has warned that using colloidal silver as a dietary supplement is not a safe or effective way of treating disease, there are more promising possibilities when it comes to its use in skincare. According to the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University, "When applied topically, silver can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. However, it doesn't destroy bacteria the way bactericidal agents like an antibiotic kills bacteria. ... You should avoid consuming ionic or colloidal silver orally." Conversely, "You can safely use products containing colloidal or ionic silver designed for topical use on your skin." The CRIS also notes that anyone using topical colloidal silver should follow the product's directions, and concludes, "Silver-containing ointments and products designed for our skin can be highly effective and safe ways to prevent excessive bacterial growth.

With that out of the way, let's check out the benefits of Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel.

The brand says that their colloidal silver gel is designed for all skin types — dry, oily and everything in between. The gel contains 99.999% pure silver and is paraben-free, gluten-free and contains no added colors or fragrances. Its first usage is for soothing and cooling burns and sunburns — think of it like super-aloe. Presumably thanks to colloidal silver's antibacterial properties, the gel helps gently soothe burns while promoting healing of the skin, with the gel texture helping ensure maximum absorption. It also helps dry and irritated skin in the same way, which is likely why Ms. Mirren notices a difference in her own skin foibles whenever she uses it.

Helen Mirren / a tub of Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver gel
When it comes to recommending skincare for ageless-looking skin, no one does it like the Dame. (Getty/Amazon)

Over 7,000 Amazon shoppers agree — Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel deserves a perfect five-star rating. "Great for minor burns," shared one customer. "I learned about this product the hard way: in a professional bakery kitchen. My arm collided with a hot tray of croissants and it seared me. This gel worked wonders! It immediately killed the pain. Highly recommend for minor burns from hot ovens and stoves."

"Good for [skin] repair," wrote another user. "Had a face procedure done and was recommended to use this product to help heal — worked great!" Said this fan: " I also suffer from acne and super sensitive skin, and t's hard to find something that is strong enough to keep my skin clear but doesn't irritate. The capacity this gel has for healing is incredible. It is cold and soothing and has never stung any of my cuts or blemishes. And you can cake it on to where it forms a thin layer of protection ... almost like liquid skin. I even add it to my hand creams to give my lotion an antimicrobial boost!"

"So, I never really ever leave a review, but here I am," confessed one Amazon-ian. "I have pretty bad eczema. ... I have been on topical steroids for years and nothing has helped in such a small amount of time than this miracle gel! I got it on Thursday, today is Saturday, have applied it for two days and on day one, I already felt relief. I even had a small rash on my stomach; I rubbed some in, and in a day the rash is gone!"

At only $16, this gel is a steal when it comes to celeb skin-care favorites.

$16 at Amazon

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