Henry Winkler felt 'typecast' after leaving Happy Days

Henry Winkler struggled with his mental heath after leaving 'Happy Days'.
The 77-year-old actor shot to international stardom playing Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli on the long-running sitcom - but Henry has confessed to struggling after the show ended in 1984.
He told the 'Today' show: "There were eight or nine years at a time when I couldn't get hired because I was 'The Fonz' because I was typecast."
The veteran actor admitted to feeling lost amid his career struggles in the 1980s.
He shared: "I had psychic pain that was debilitating because I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where to find it, whatever it was, I didn't know what I was going to do. I had a family. I had a dog. I had a roof. Oh. My. God."
Despite this, Henry doesn't have any regrets about starring on 'Happy Days'.
The actor still has fond memories of the hit TV show and his co-stars, including actor-turned-director Ron Howard.
Reflecting on his 'Happy Days' experience, Henry explained: "I loved playing 'The Fonz'. I love those people. I loved learning how to play softball. I loved travelling all over the world together with the cast. I would not have traded it."
Earlier this year, meanwhile, Henry admitted to being surprised by his own longevity in the entertainment industry.
The actor confessed that he's still "living [his] dream" in the TV business, and he hopes to continue working in the years ahead.
The award-winning star - who joined 'Happy Days' in 1973 - told 'Access Hollywood': "Fifty years … it is too big to think about.
"I am happy that I am living my dream. I'm happy that I am still here and doing it."