Here's What Dads ACTUALLY Want For Father's Day

<span class="copyright">VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images</span>
VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be wondering what you want to get that father figure in your life.

From food and drink, personalised gifts and the latest tech to clothing, mugs and socks — it can be overwhelming thinking what to get this year!

Because what do they ACTUALLY want?

Well, according to dads themselves, it’s rarely a physical gift.

On a Reddit post, one parent asked what to get for her husband as it was his first Father’s Day being a dad.

She wrote: “My husband has really shown up this entire year. I have never been more proud of him as a person, watching him grow into a dad has been the most incredible gift I’ve been given aside from our beautiful daughter.

“He truly deserves the world. He did such a wonderful job on Mother’s Day and found something super sentimental that I absolutely love, but he’s never been one for getting gifts and I feel like I am at a loss for Father’s Day.

“Do you guys really want personalised money clips? Aging bottles of liquor? Framed photos? I know it’s not about money whatsoever but.. I’d love to get him something that not only stands the test of time but is also special for him, like he did for me.”

Other dads were quick to respond to the question, with one person saying: “TBH I just want my wife to say thanks you’re a good dad and husband.”

Another said: “For me, a good father’s day would be a good breakfast and/or dinner. Then just a day of peace and quiet left to my own devices to just sit and disconnect from life around me.”

Many agreed with this sentiment and said they wouldn’t really want physical gifts, but would value appreciation far more.

One person explained that dads would love to just be told “do whatever you want today” as they spend most of their dad lives going to work for someone else, then come home and play how the kids want them to play, and then once they’re asleep they try and do a few things their wife has on her list for them.

“I think most dads would love to just work on a project they want to get done (with no one interrupting), go do something outside (golf, biking, hiking, whatever), or just be lazy for a minute and play video games or go to a movie or something,” he added.

So if you’re wondering what to get a dad for Father’s Day this year, it doesn’t have to cost money!