Here's where the 'want something that I want' TikTok trend comes from

Here's where the 'want something that I want' TikTok trend comes from

One of the newest trends on TikTok involves Melissa McCarthy, a Disney movie and scaring other people in the room. And while there’s still some confusion about how those three elements came together, TikTokers are happily participating in this dance trend.

The TikTok videos kick off with someone raising finger guns in the air and moving frantically to the song “Something That I Want” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Then, as the song continues with “Something that I tell myself I need,” the performer transitions into a smooth, subtle set of dance moves — which are completely up to the TikToker.

What is the ‘Something That I Want’ song?

The sound clip that’s playing alongside the dance trend is from “Something That I Want,” which was featured in the 2010 Disney film Tangled. TikTok user Sturniolo @mega_sturniolo posted the clip of the song on their TikTok page, and it has since gained more than 19 million views and been added to over 400,000 videos featuring the dance trend.

Sturniolo posted their video on Aug. 23, 2023, but it wasn’t until TikTok user Han (@pollypocket.mp3) shared her video on Dec. 14, 2023, that the trend began to take off. Han’s post currently has over 26 million views and is one of the most watched videos under the hashtag #iwantsomethingthatIwant, which has more than 205 million views.

After watching Han’s video, many TikTokers posted that she looked familiar and tried to figure out who she resembled.

“This give me Rachel Dratch vibes and I love it,” replied @michaelpeddy.

“This feels like something Melissa McCarthy would post in the BEST way,” commented Kay (@kay20729).”

Why is Melissa McCarthy trending on TikTok?

Kay’s comment received nearly 150,000 likes and was one of the comparisons many TikTokers latched onto.

“I haven’t seen a video of Melissa McCarthy doing this but it’s very her coded so i believe it,” wrote @confessionsofgirlhood in her post.

Although McCarthy hasn’t participated in the trend herself, some users have made edits of the actress with clips from her 2014 movie Tammy. In the film, Tammy (McCarthy) tries to commit a robbery with a paper bag over her head, and TikTokers have singled out that scene to reimagine in this trend.

A new ‘unsuspecting’ spin on the trend

Aside from associating this trend with McCarthy, plenty of TikTokers have put their own spin on the dance. Many have added their own chaotic movements and filmed themselves near unsuspecting bystanders, startling them in the process.

Some people have been able to fully shock their video partner, while other unwitting participants have simply looked on with concern.

“And she somehow did exactly what she was supposed to??? I love her,” commented @sarah51013 on @lilyjobird’s post.