Hoda Kotb's Lemon-Squeezing Hack Goes Hilariously Wrong On Live TV

hoda kotb lemon squeeze
Watch Hoda Kotb's Lemon Hack Fail On Live TVTODAY with Hoda & Jenna / YouTube

Over the past few years, we've been inundated with all types of cooking hacks from the internet. While the majority of these tips have resulted in faster and tastier meals, there is always the occasional dud.

Hoda Kotb learned that firsthand during a live segment on Today With Hoda & Jenna this week. Hoda was so excited about the hack she discovered, and then attempted to show viewers how to "easily" juice a lemon using a skewer.

"Okay, I'm gonna show you a trick...You know how you're always trying to get lemon juice out, and you're just grinding it out? And then the seeds. Here's a tip. Take a skewer...Take it and put it in the navel...I'm gonna pull it out. Now, watch me work," she explained.

We have to applaud Hoda's confidence with the allegedly nifty hack, but things quickly went awry. The hack was initially met with "ooo's" and "ahh's" from the audience, until it was apparent that the whole lemon-squeezing part wasn't working out. She then tried another lemon—and that's when things took a turn toward hilarious.

"It really works! I did it at home three times! Three times...Please try it. Try it once," said Hoda after attempting to squeeze a second lemon. Then the lemon busted in half.

At one point, Hoda's co-host Jenna Bush Hager, seemingly fed up with the hack, proclaimed, "Just squeeze it like a normal person...We don't need a hack for everything."

Jenna then suggested that Hoda "stop looking at TikTok." And we can't say we disagree.

"You did that hack with three lemons and look at this carnage!" Jenna said.

"Oh my God, my stomach," Hoda said. "You know what this reminds me of? Every day you've got to have one laugh where you're almost going to pee your pants."

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