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I tried the cushiony Hoka recovery slides loved by podiatrists — my feet are glad I did and they're 40% off

If you are someone whose feet ache long before the end of the day, then you understand what I experience. After a few hours of nonstop walking and standing, my high arches ache and the balls of my feet scream. Luckily I have a very wise podiatrist who suggested I give Hoka shoes a try.

I quickly ordered a pair of their Ora Recovery Slides, and I am passionately in love with how well they support and pamper my feet. I would be willing to pay a pretty penny for this sort of relief, but luckily I only had to shell out 33 bucks on Nordstrom Rack. (I also found them at Amazon, but they surprisingly cost $33 more.)

These lightweight slides are the favor you need to do your feet.
$33 at Nordstrom Rack

If you aren't familiar with the Hoka brand, it's time for you to get acquainted. Their super-cushiony running shoes and sneakers have a growing cult following. While weekend warriors and athletes sing the praises of these shoes, it's the people with bunions, plantar fasciitis, arch pain and metatarsalgia (soreness and swelling in the balls of the feet) who really feel the difference.

I suffer from a bunion and extremely high arches that require orthotics. I hate wearing shoes at home, but walking barefoot isn't an option. Even on days when I wear my orthotics for every waking minute, my feet still ache in the place that squeezes my bunion. Enter the Hoka slides and ... bam! My feet feel so much better.

The Hoka Ora recovery slides in Aquarelle and Green Ash
The Hoka recovery slides will make your feet feel rejuvenated. (Photo: Nordstrom Rack)

My podiatrist isn't the only medical professional who recommends Hoka shoes for people with foot issues.

"The sole has a rocker bottom, which is helpful for people who have metatarsalgia because it helps with propulsion," says New York-based podiatrist Dr. Polina Zaydenberg, who is board-certified by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry in the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Wounds and in Diabetic Footwear. "The sole is also a good shock absorber.”

If you scroll through the reviews of the Hoka Ora Recovery Slide, you'll see that plenty of hard-working people are devotees of the shoes.

"I love my Hoka recovery slides so much, I had to get a pair for my hard working BIL and nephew who is a nurse," says one shopper who gave the shoes a perfect five-star rating. "I can't think of a better treat to show them how much I appreciate their hard work."

"Many times I hardly get to sit at all, and my feet hurt so bad that there are days I can hardly walk. I have tried so many different types of shoes and spent hundreds trying to get relief. Between the recovery slip-on that I can wear at work and the recovery sandals that I wear around the house, MY FEET DO NOT HURT AT ALL ANYMORE!!! ... I can't express enough how thankful I am!"

No matter what part of your foot hurts, these are shoes worth trying out. You just might get your own happily-ever-after story.

These lightweight slides are the favor you need to do your feet.
$33 at Nordstrom Rack

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