Home and Away fans shocked as show confirms huge death: 'Gave me goosebumps'

Fans were shocked to see so many fan favourite characters in trouble.

Home and Away fans have been left stunned as the show confirms a huge death is coming in an explosive new trailer.

The popular soap has a number of storylines coming to a dramatic head, with the show teasing several potentially deathly situations.

Home and Away's James Stewart
Home and Away fans have been left stunned as the show confirms a huge death is coming in an explosive new trailer. Photo: Seven

James Stewart's character Justin is seen on a rescue mission to save Andrew (Joshua Hewson), who has been taken by the dangerous cult Vita Nova, but instead, he ends up attacked and taken prisoner.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) begins to worry about her husband's safety and enlists Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to help her track him down to save him from the doomsday preppers.


Meanwhile, Marilyn's battle with Stunning Organics, a corrupt skincare company, which saw the company sending her threats and calls over the last few months, reaches an explosive head when a mysterious box arrives for her at the diner, seemingly containing a bomb.

However, the bomb makes its way around Summer Bay and into the hands of many fan favourites.

Mali (Kyle Shilling) races to save his friends, who are unaware they're carrying a bomb in their van, but he may be too late to save them as a van explodes before he can get to them.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is also seen in danger after seemingly having her drink spiked, causing her to collapse.

"Who won't come home?" the trailer questions.

Fans shared their excitement on Facebook, with one user writing, "Gave me goosebumps just watching that."

"Can't wait till next week it's going to be exciting, a lot is happening," another added.

"Thrilling," a third said. "Thank you crew, bravo."

"Oh wow, some action!" someone else wrote.


"Wow going to be epic, we will be on the edge of our seats, this is great drama and I don't think anyone is leaving but someone could end up in hospital, hope Felicity and Mali are ok... Omg I can't wait, it's going to be a big week with lot of thing happening," another said.

One fan shared their theory, writing, "I reckon it might be Andrew, and/or his 'Mum', he has already finished filming and thanked the cast and crew for giving him an opportunity!"

"I agree," another replied. "Andrew was my first thought."

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