Home and Away fans slam new Tane romance storyline: ‘Makes me want to vomit’

This new Summer Bay couple has left fans seething.

Tane Parata new romance with Harper Matheson on Home and Away
Tane Parata and Harper Matheson have finally gotten together. Photo: Seven

Home and Away fans have turned on writers of the show after Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) started a new romance with Harper Matheson (Jessica Redmayne) this week. The pair had a spark earlier this year, but weren’t able to pursue anything while Tane was navigating a messy breakup with Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis).

However, Harper supported Tane through his court battle after he kidnapped baby Maia earlier this year, and they ultimately shared one night of passion. Though he expected the worst, Tane didn't get any jail time and was slapped with a seven-year community service sentence instead. It looks like the couple will now explore things further, but fans have been sharing their disappointment online.

“God, these two make me want to vomit. I am done with this ridiculous show it goes from bad to worse all the time,” one person wrote on a Facebook fan group.


“I stopped watching, not sure if I will watch it again. Home and Away has gone do the dogs, it really has,” another agreed.

“OMG. Not her. She does not fit well with him. They do not make a good couple!!!” a third remarked.

Fans aren't pleased with the new couple. Photo: Seven
Fans aren't pleased with the new couple. Photo: Seven

“I can’t stand her. She has been trying to get him since she came to the show,” another added.

Others lamented the breakdown of Felicity and Tane’s relationship, with one saying: “[Felicity] has always loved Tane even if she made a mistake. I guess he and Harper deserve each other. Flick deserves better.”

“I absolutely dislike Harper. Tane needs to get back with Felicity,” another wrote.

“I just can’t understand why the writers split Tane and Flick up. Their chemistry together was awesome!” a third chimed in.

A fan recently snapped a photo of Harper sporting what looked to be a fake pregnancy belly while filming out at Palm Beach. In the picture, Tane was seen touching her stomach and looking concerned.

In a separate video, Tane was called over to feel Harper’s bump as she appeared to be feeling the baby kick for the very first time. After he placed his hand on her belly, he bent down to get closer to the bump. The scene ended with the couple looking content and Harper jumping for joy.

Harper and Tane with a pregnancy bump on Home and Away
Harper was been spotted wearing a fake baby bump. (Photo: Seven & Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Info)

Fans have quickly theorised that the night of passion Tane and Harper just spent together could lead to her shock pregnancy.

“Confirms she is pregnant with his baby. Honestly annoys me. I feel bad for Felicity and have no doubt this is why she leaves,” a fan commented.


“I think it’s great. I hope she falls pregnant and gives him the happy family he wants,” another wrote.

“Tane will become a dad because Harper will get pregnant and that may be the reason Felicity leaves the show… there is a rumour of a baby bump,” a third pointed out.

“Well I had this suspicion when I saw the pics of her being filmed pregnant, had a hunch it would be with Tane,” another added.

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