Home and Away star shares major health battle: 'Recovering well'

Georgie Parker has just had her second hip replacement in six years.

Georgie Parker from Home and Away in a hospital bed
Georgie Parker has just had major surgery. Photo: Instagram/georgieparker

Home and Away star Georgie Parker has had a break from Summer Bay, but don’t worry, she’s on her way back. She shared a carousel of photos on Instagram revealing her latest health battle, after undergoing major surgery to get her second hip replacement in six years.

The 59-year-old star, who has played Roo Stewart on the soap for 14 years, said her friends, family and workplace had been supporting her while she recovered. “I’ve been busy. Finishing a play and then straight into another theatre (get it) for a new hip. My second in six years, and thank god I had the same brilliant surgeon and his team,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I hate the drugs but love the rehab. I’m three weeks post-op, recovery is going well and I’ve had the most brilliant support from my family, my workplace and my incredible friends. Practicing patience now while I heal… so I can get back to work baby,” she finished.


Her fans were quick to share words of encouragement, with one saying: “I’m waiting for my first hip to be done, at the grand old age of 49, can’t wait to be out of pain but the thought of the op scares me to death. Nice to see you’ve had your second done and are still smiling, hoping I’m still smiling after mine. Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

“You’ve always been the hip-pest! Sending love and all the healing energy Georgie,” another added.

“Hope you’re on the mend soon Georgie! Rest up and take it easy,” a third chimed in.

“Look at you glowing, amazing woman! And all brand-new with that new hip,” another remarked.

When another fan asked for any words of advice for those needing a hip operation, Georgie kindly tagged them in a comment, saying: “I was 40 when first diagnosed, and waited till I was 54 to have it done. I have scoliosis which has compromised my pelvic stability. All good now hopefully. The replacements last a lot longer now so I hope you get some relief very soon.”

Georgie previously opened up to Now to Love about her scoliosis diagnosis and her first hip replacement back in 2018.

At the time, she said her titanium hip replacement gave her movement she hadn’t experienced for a decade. “It’s like I have a different body,” she said. “It was a big operation but four days later, I twisted my body to the left and I hadn’t been able to do that for 10 years.”

Georgie Parker as Roo Stewart in Home and Away
Roo Stewart is a fan favourite character on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

Her hip issues stem from being diagnosed with scoliosis when she was just 13, something that completely changed her life.

“It changed the way I did things but it didn’t stop me doing things. I was a very good tennis player and I was very good at softball and all of a sudden I had to play with my brace on,” she recalled.

The actress had to wear a brace for three years, and due to the curvature of her spine, her hopes of becoming a professional dancer were dashed. However, she didn’t let this dampen her spirit.


“I was very confident but not in a showy way, and very optimistic. That’s just the way I came out. I never felt sorry for myself,” she said. “I had to go into hospital every three months and have X-rays and blood tests, so it was quite serious, but I didn’t feel any different. So, in my mind, it was bad, but it wasn’t that bad.

“I was determined… I figured out how to make it work for me whilst doing what I wanted to do.”

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