Homeowner calls out 'shameless' tradie caught defecating on front lawn

The mystery man has offended many times in the exact same spot over the past three years with an exasperated Patrica desperate for it to stop.

CCTV showing man jump out of van and poo in kerb outside Melbourne home.
A man jumps out of his van and appears to empty his bowels outside a Melbourne resident's home Source: A Current Affair

A frustrated homeowner is on a mission to stop a poopetrator in his tracks after her kerb became an unlikely dumping ground, with a mystery offender continuing to relieve himself in her front garden for some unknown reason.

CCTV footage has captured what looks like a tradie pulling over outside Patricia's Melbourne home before dropping his dacks and doing his business in the gutter outside her property. And according to the "gobsmacked" resident, it's not the only time the culprit has caused a stink.

The mystery man has allegedly offended many times in the exact same spot over the past three years, Patricia claims, leaving the fed-up homeowner to clean up his mess every time. Appearing on A Current Affair on Tuesday, the homeowner said she has "no idea who he is".

"I don't recognise him," she said of the man shown in video footage pooing outside her Oakleigh home.

When it first appeared, she admitted she thought the remains were coffee beans that had fallen out of the bin. She was even tempted to pick up the mess herself. But on closer inspection, she realised it was "dog poo or something else".

That's when she set up a home camera system which eventually caught the man in the act.

Patrica said it's usually always in the morning when it's dark — roughly 6am, she said. CCTV footage shows the most recent offence which occurred last week and shows the man pulling up in his white van before jumping out.

He proceeds to squat kerbside with his pants pulled down, appearing to empty his bowels. He even whips out wipes and leaves them behind, with Patricia made to clean his mess once again.

"He’s just a shameless pig," she said. "Absolutely no shame. I was just gobsmacked, everyone I’ve shown (the video) to has been laughing."

Melbourne Resident Patricia cleaning man's poo from kerb outside her home.
Patricia claims it has happened up to 15 times over the past three years and is made to clean it every time. Source: A Current Affair

The exasperated resident and her neighbours are now plotting to catch the poopetrator in the act by forming a neighbourhood poo patrol. They've also reported the incident to police, Patricia claims.

"If I were you I’d stop, because you’re going to get caught with your pants down," Patricia said, addressing the culprit.

Victoria Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia a complaint has been received "relating to an unknown male defecating on a nature strip on York Street in Oakleigh".

"Investigators have been told this has occurred around 13 times over the last 3 years. The male is yet to be located at this stage," they said.

It's understood the offence would likely fall under "obscene exposure," which carries a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

Shockingly, it's not the first time a mystery popper has been a large. There have been several reports of people being caught defecating on people's properties.

In 2023, a public pooer was caught on camera on a busy Sydney road and in 2021 security cameras caught a cyclist taking a toilet break on a stranger's driveway while riding through an affluent Melbourne suburb.

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