What Is the Honey Deuce? All About the US Open Signature Cocktail

Here's everything to know about the Honey Deuce, including who created it and what ingredients are in it

A sweet serve off the court!

In the near two decades following its creation in 2006, the famed Honey Deuce cocktail has become one of the highlights of the US Open tennis championship — drawing guests to the tournament to taste the treat, whether they're fans of tennis or not.

For a drink that's evolved into an iconic Grand Slam staple, the popularity the modern cocktail has garnered in a short amount of time is impressive — especially in comparison to its historical signature drink equivalents, like Wimbledon's Pimm’s Cup and the Kentucky Derby's Mint Julep with centuries-old origins.

"Every time the U.S. Open comes around, I just keep hearing about the drink," Honey Deuce creator and hospitality expert Nick Mautone told Vogue. "It's a beverage that's become almost as iconic as the US Open itself!"

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In 2022 alone, the US Open sold more than 400,000 Honey Deuce signature cocktails and nearly 2 million Honey Deuce cocktails since it first debuted at the tournament in 2007, a United States Tennis Association spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

In addition to its refreshing nature, the drink's fun appearance has been a draw for guests — not only to purchase and sip the cocktail, but snap and share a photo of it on social media.

“I’m going to freely admit the mini honeydew melons that look like tennis balls capture the eye and therefore, the imagination," Mautone said of the drink. "It’s visually a fun thing to drink at a tennis match."

Read on for everything to know about the US Open signature drink, the Honey Deuce — including how to make it yourself!

How did the Honey Deuce cocktail get its name?

<p>Monica Schipper/Getty </p> US Open Honey Deuce

Monica Schipper/Getty

US Open Honey Deuce

Whether you're a fan of tennis or not, you should know that the name of the US Open's signature drink is a tennis-themed play on the spherical fruit that makes it so photogenic, the honeydew melon. The "honey" is self-explanatory, then, while the "deuce" refers to a 40-40 tie score in tennis.

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Who created the Honey Deuce cocktail?

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Paul Zimmerman/Getty

The Honey Deuce has become just as popular as Wimbledon's Pimm’s Cup and the Kentucky Derby's Mint Julep. Despite its strong association with the tournament, though the US Open's famed cocktail doesn't have centuries-old origins like the others, as it was only created in 2006.

Credited as the Honey Deuce creator is Nick Mautone, who was hired by Grey Goose (one of the US Open sponsors that year) to help further promote the brand. The restaurateur focused on making a cocktail that would be both refreshing and easy to make for a large crowd.

Combining a sweet, fruity taste to counteract the NYC heat in September with a fun tennis ball-like garnish out of scoops of melon, the drink was an immediate hit when it was introduce the following year.

What ingredients are in the Honey Deuce cocktail?

<p>Brad Barket/Getty</p>

Brad Barket/Getty

Grey Goose's signature tournament cocktail is a vodka-spiked lemonade mixed with raspberry liqueur, topped with three honeydew melon "tennis ball" skewers and served over ice in a commemorative US Open cup.

In addition to the classic, variations have been created. For something even cooler, opt for a Frozen Honey Deuce — a blended, slushy version of the cocktail. For those who can't attend the tournament in person, New Yorkers can also order home delivery of ready-to-drink canned Honey Deuces!

Or, put your mixologist skills to the test and whip up a Honey Deuce yourself in the comfort of your own home using the official recipe shared with PEOPLE.

Ingredients for one serving calls for crushed ice, 1 ¼ oz. vodka, lemonade (preferably freshly squeezed), ½ oz. raspberry liqueur (such as Chambord) and skewered honeydew melon balls. Fill a chilled highball glass with crushed ice and add vodka, top with lemonade to just below the rim, then add raspberry liqueur, garnish with melon balls and enjoy!

What does the Honey Deuce cocktail taste like?

<p>Brad Barket/Getty</p>

Brad Barket/Getty

When speaking with Vogue, Mautone described the taste of Honey Deuce cocktail as "tart and fruity" and called it "balanced' thanks to the sweetness from the raspberry liqueur and the tartness from the lemonade," Plus, he adds "it goes extremely well with whatever food you’re having on a hot day.”

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Which celebrities are fans of the Honey Deuce cocktail?

<p>Brad Barket/Getty</p>

Brad Barket/Getty

The US Open draws tennis lovers of all kind to the tournament, including some of Hollywood's biggest names — many of whom have been snapped toasting with a Honey Deuce of their own.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb took a step behind the bar to serve up the signature drink in 2017 — while stars like Paul Wesley, Diplo, Emily Ratajkowski, Sara Sampaio (pictured), David Harbour, Alexandra Daddario and more stopped by the Grey Goose suite at the US Open in 2022.

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