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Hot deal alert! A Ninja Foodi at its lowest price ever ($180), plus other must-gets

Dyson; Ninja; Lululemon
Today's specials: Dyson, Ninja, Lululemon and other greats are serving up serious savings. (Walmart; Amazon; Lululemon)

Wake up and smell the savings! We've narrowed down the best deals worth shopping now. The whole summer is ahead of us, and we've got the goods to help you live it up. Keep your hot oven off and grill, bake, broil and more with this countertop Ninja Foodi XL Pro for just $180 — that's over 50% off and the lowest price our trackers have ever seen. Summer outings call for cooling towels (now under $3 each) and a Lululemon Everywhere Bag wrapped 'round your bod (just $29). At home, clean up pet hair and tracked sand in a snap with this powerful Dyson Big Ball ($150 off) or this $59 bestselling lightweight vac from Bissell. Come nightfall you'll be ready to slip into some silky, breathable sheets and rest your sleepy head on an adjustable cooling pillow ($20 apiece). Keep scrolling and get your summer shopping on!

Quick overview
  • Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro 7-in-1 Indoor Grill/Griddle Combo

    Save $190
  • Dyson Big Ball Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

    Save $130
  • Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum

    Save $20
  • LuxClub 6-Piece Queen Sheet Set

  • Innza Laser Hair Remover

    Save $32 with coupon
  • U-Pick Cooling Towels, 4-Pack

  • Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face

  • Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, Canvas

    Save $9
  • Amazon 43-Inch Fire TV

    Save $160 with Prime and code
    See at Amazon
  • Supa Modern Cooling Bed Pillows, Set of 2

    Save $19 with coupon
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Imagine firing up the grill in the comfort of your air-conditioned kitchen. While we're at it, let's just imagine leaving the hot oven off the entire summer. This Ninja Foodi can make these cool-cooking dreams a reality, and it's at its lowest price on record. The top-seller lets you grill, griddle, air-crisp, roast, bake, broil and dehydrate. The family-size kitchen hero can cook up to six steaks at a time and master your preferred doneness using the included Foodi Smart Thermometer. You'll get exquisite chargrill marks too (the grill plate can reach 500°F). Clean-up is a cinch, thanks to the removable, machine-washable parts.

One devotee wrote, "I leave it on my counter because I use it every single day, often twice a day (breakfast and dinner), sometimes three times a day." Some recommended uses: "Heat up quiche for breakfast. Use the Bake setting, 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. It's heating while you're showering or getting dressed ... and keeps it warm even after it finishes. ... Ooh! Acorn or spaghetti squash face down on the grill plate (gives some gaps for airflow), on the Roast or Bake setting."

"Meat doneness per the probe matches my independent meat thermometer," said another five-star fan. "This translates into goof-proof grilling as the grill beeps when the meat needs to be flipped or removed. And the 'eye test for doneness,' when using the presets, exactly matches the user guide."

"Easy, fast, crispy, less time!" wrote a third of the air crisper function. "This is the absolute best thing to cook chicken nuggets, French fries, fish sticks."

$180 at Amazon

After so much attention on the lightweights, it's exciting to see a mega-deal on this fierce Dyson Big Ball vac (over 40% off). The canister follows behind as you clean and if it topples over, it'll politely pick itself right back up. How cool is that? It features a tangle-free cleaner head that lifts and lowers as needed, a retractable cord, a pop-open debris bin that empties fully and a washable lifetime filter. 

"Exactly what I was looking for: canister, bagless, great suction," wrote one impressed reviewer. "Tools are easily accessible and do not fall off when using. Some very-low-pile carpets are a little labor-intensive to clean just because suction is so intense, even when using the release. That is a good problem coming from an owner of a new vacuum (different brand) that just pushed half the dirt around."

$220 at Walmart

A very budget-friendly model from another cleaning giant: This bestselling Bissell is on sale for a low $59! It works on carpet, hardwood and tiles and swoops up the dirt around baseboards and furniture too. The generous tank means you won't have to dump as often as other lightweight models. Many of the 15,O00-plus fans are talking about the sheer strength of this 12.5-pounder.

"Suction power!" cheered one satisfied shopper. "For the price, this is an amazing lightweight vacuum! My previous vacuum was 15 years old, and I thought it was fine. Once I used this one for the first time, I realized the old one was barely working. I love it so much I bought another one for my other level."

$59 at Walmart

Nothing beats slipping into soft, cool sheets at the end of a long hot day. These have deep pockets, but you don't need to — they're marked down to just $28 (were $35). The breathable double-brushed microfiber feels smooth against the skin. Now close your eyes and think of any color — yep, they got that one on sale.

One fan bought a second set and shared: "These stupid change-of-life hot flashes have put me on a journey of buying everything I can find that has a cooling factor to it. These have helped tremendously with keeping me cooler at night. They are really soft, almost silky feeling but still help with keeping me cooler. My husband, who doesn't really say too much about what I put on the bed except complain about too many pillows, said out of the blue, 'I really like these sheets, you should buy another set.' Whaaaa? So obviously he noticed a difference. ... The colors are vibrant and stay nice and bright wash after wash."

$35 at Amazon

As we shed layers and bare our skin, we may find ourselves in a hairy situation. For an alternative to annoying razors and expensive salon visits, check out this No. 1 bestselling laser hair removal tool. The permanent hair-zapping tech is effective on darker hairs that contrast with fairer skin, and the device works almost anywhere hair grows — chin, bikini line, legs, pits, arms. Just avoid the eye area. 

"Run don't walk," advised a happy reviewer. "I have dark, coarse hair and have dealt with razor bumps my whole life. I did not expect this to work as well as it has. I wish I had a before-and-after because I am too stunned to speak. I am only on week five and I have about 85% less hair growth. ... It is tedious, but the auto feature is helpful and trust me, it is worth every second of your time."

Save $32 with coupon
$63 at Amazon

A wet cloth is an old-school hack for staying cool, and these clever towels elevate the idea with special cooling materials, handy carabiners and waterproof pouches. Plus, they're under three bucks each. Wondering how they earned 7,000-plus five-star ratings? Here's one anecdote:

"We were heading to Disney in the dead of summer and needed a way to stay cool while in the parks," shared a fan. "This was the best thing we brought with us (aside from our hats, water bottles, umbrella and backpack). The towels are the perfect size, they stayed damp enough for a long time. All we had to do was shake them out from time to time and instant cooling once they hit our necks. On our last day in the parks, I 'discovered' that I can use it as a headband by tying it around my head ... OMG! This was wonderful!"

$16 at Amazon

On our to-dewy list: Getting a hyaluronic acid glow-up. The hydrating serum (now just $10) works to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Who wouldn't want that? The brand is committed to making clean, vegan products that are free of sulfate-, paraben- and cruelty-free. 

"Keeps fine lines and forehead lines at bay. ... It gives an immediate well-rested and better-hydrated glow to my face," said one fan. "I love that it actually absorbs flawlessly; so you can apply primer and makeup afterward without pilling in the a.m. It also, and most importantly, improves my 40-year-old texture and wrinkles. I can tell when I miss a few days."

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$20 at Amazon

We were happy to spy this zippy little belt bag in Lululemon's We Made Too Much section for under $30! It's a clever way to add pockets to any outfit or carry a purse without having to carry a purse. Wear it around your waist or hips or as a crossbody. The cotton canvas is water-repellant and travel-ready. A fresh-looking white with black trim option was still available when we clicked this morning.

One reviewer shared: "The canvas version is amazing! The fabric feels great and it seems like it will hold up better than the original belt bag. I purchased both colors because I couldn’t choose and they are both so beautiful!"

$29 at Lululemon

Ready to cut the cord and start streaming? Fire TVs are the way to go. We've found a popular 43-inch model on sale for just $240 (was $370). And Prime members can get it for just $210 with code PRIME50. Of course, you can still enjoy broadcast TV with this set, but you'll also be able to stream via apps such as Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. Plus the included Alexa Voice Remote means you can pull up shows and movies, control volume and more with simple voice commands.

"The quality of the picture is incredible!" wrote a happy reviewer. "It's simple to set up. It's closer to plug-and-play than I ever imagined. Once out of the box, it only took me a few minutes to start watching my fave streaming apps, cable or antenna."

Another added: "Picture shocks us from time to time with how clear and dimensional it is."

Save $160 with Prime and code
$210 at Amazon

If you've struggled with night sweats or finding a pillow that's exactly the right height or firmness, an adjustable pillow with cooling properties is the way to go. These Supa Modern pillows begin with shredded memory foam stuffed into a zippered case, with a soft, padded cover on the outside. To customize yours, simply subtract those foam bits to suit your puff preferences. Over 10,000 five-star fans are loving this duo.

One fan who called the pillows a "lifesaver" wrote: "I got tired of waking up with a damp pillow from sweating during my sleep. When these arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the really nice packaging and little attention to detail — things like a sewn-on colored fabric label indicating which side of the pillow had the cooling gel. ... It was an immediate 'Ahhh' to my overheating noggin. Not only that, but the memory foam filler gently conformed to my head and neck and kept it aligned with my spine ... 

"That first night, I put my head on the pillow and fell fast asleep. No tossing, no turning, the pillow maintained its coolness throughout the night and I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in years. Now after two weeks ... I have more pep in my step because I'm getting truly restful sleep."

Save $19 with coupon
$40 at Amazon

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