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Suffer from cold feet? You need this £5.99 hot water bottle to warm up your toes

This affordable foot-warmer will make cold toes a thing of the past. (Getty Images)

The humble hot water bottle is a blessing during winter months, helping to keep your body cosy on even the coldest of nights.

Especially with heating bills soaring, we're always on the hunt for cost-cutting ways to keep warm.

Yes, you can snuggle up on the sofa after work and have a hot water bottle underneath your feet but sometimes that's just not enough and we want to put our icy toes right inside the foot warmer instead.

Enter the hot water bottle for your feet – the object you never knew you needed but will now find it hard to live without.

Aldi's Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle, which costs just £5.99, is the perfect solution to frosty toes.

Why we rate it

While at a first glance, you may think it looks like your typical hot water bottle, it's actually designed with a dedicated space for your feet to rest so they can warm up in an instant.

It's covered in a soft faux fur and the bottle itself is made from natural rubber.

A winter weather essential, it's ideal for working from home or relaxing on the sofa.

Buy it: Aldi Grey Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle | £5.99 from Aldi

Shop in grey Shop in blue

Simply fill up the hot water bottle as usual and insert your feet into the special pouch – the bottle holds a huge 2L.

Best of all, the bottle will stay warm for hours, meaning you can curl up with a film and not have to worry about pausing halfway to take care of your chilly extremities.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually walk with the foot warmer on, so we recommend gathering snacks, TV remote and drink before you settle down.

There are three other colours available too, in white, blush pink and blue, so you can take your pick and forget enduring cold toes ever again.

Buy it: Blush Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle | £5.99 from Aldi

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You can also find something similar on Amazon, which sells a Heated Foot Warmer for £19.99.

The water bottle is removable and can easily be inserted into its pouch to heat up within seconds and envelop both feet.

Promising to stay warm for hours, one shopper said it "looks good and fits well".

Or, if you want to invest a little bit more you can also get an electric foot warmer, which has an integrated fast-heating system with three different temperature settings. You can select a lower setting if your feet get too warm, or alternatively after 90 minutes the heater will automatically switch off.

Buy it: Beurer Cosy Foot Warmer | £46.79 (Was £52.99) from Amazon

Is this the end of chilly toes for good? We certainly hope so!

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