Huge Ibiza inferno delays flights with smoke plumes seen across the island

Dozens of flights from the main Ibiza airport have been delayed after a huge fire broke out at a nearby warehouse.

Huge columns of black smoke could be seen coming from the building, with locals spotting the plumes from miles across the island.

Multiple fire engines rushed to the scene at Citubo warehouse just before 1pm on Tuesday.

The warehouse sits just eight minutes down the main road leading to the island’s airport and flights departing from the popular holiday destination were directly impacted.

 (Bombers d’Eivissa)
(Bombers d’Eivissa)

At least 13 flights were delayed between 3pm and 5pm, according to airport managing company Aena. Flightradar data suggests 20 flights were impacted between 1pm and 6pm.

Some travellers took to social media to share alarming footage of thick smoke that could be seen from their plane windows.

Others reported on social media that internet connection was briefly cut off at the airport.

On the island, the plumes of smoke were reportedly visible for miles according to local media, from Sant Antoni and even Formentera.

The Ibiza fire service said: “We find ourselves acting on a large fire in a commercial establishment. It is affecting the entire industrial building.”

They added that two fire engines, two nurses, one ladder truck, one non-commissioned officer, two corporals, and 13 firefighters attended the blaze.

Local media added that the workers in the warehouse, around 20 in total, were evacuated in less than two minutes and no deaths or injuries have been reported.

The warehouse reportedly contains products including gardening equipment, furniture, lighting, household goods and toys.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown but firefighters remain on the scene on Tuesday evening.