Hugh Jackman's fans point out surprising detail in workout video

While some fans were distracted by his bulging biceps, others were making the same joke about leg day.

Hugh Jackman has wowed fans on Instagram with his latest workout video as he trains to reprise his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Hugh, 55, gave fans a sneak peek into his workout routine as he lifted weights, showing off his huge muscles as he did some impressive bicep curls, hashtagging the video "Becoming Wolverine again".

"Hugh Jacked man," one person joked in response.

Hugh Jackman is shredding again for his role as Wolverine. Photo:
Hugh Jackman is shredding again for his role as Wolverine. Photo:

However, while some fans couldn't tear their eyes away from Hugh's bulging biceps, others were quick to point out a different detail.

With Hugh's legs on display in gym shorts, a few people went to the comments to make jokes about not missing leg day.


"Don’t skip leg day!" one person begged, with the comment being liked over 8,000 times. "Is tomorrow leg day?" another asked, while someone else commented, "Please do squats!"

Others leapt in to defend the star.

"This LEGEND is 55 years old and people have the audacity to tell Wolverine to work out more his legs?" one person ranted. "Come on!"

And a lot of people were simply just thirsty for him. "Woah, the veins on this handsome man," another fan commented. "Vascularity," another awed person said.

Last year Hugh shared that it takes him six months of intense training to prepare for the role of Wolverine, as well as consuming 8000 calories a day in six meals, including foods like sirloin steaks, chicken burgers, and fatty fish.

Deadpool 3 is slated to be released in July 2024.

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