The 'Hydro-Bob' Is The Short Hair Style To Have On Your Radar

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SS24 Is All About The 'Hydro-Bob'America Ferrera - Instagram

The ever-evolving world of hair trends is undeniably hard to keep up with, but if there’s one style that really stands the test of time, it’s the humble bob. While we do expect to see longer lengths, XL styles and impressive extensions coming to the fore throughout the year, there's no doubt about the fact that short hair will always be chic – a theory that’s been proven time and time again by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Florence Pugh and America Ferrera.

But the one downside of being the proud owner of a bob is that it can be difficult to find new ways to style it, especially given there’s not much hair to play with in the first place. But that’s where the ‘hydro-bob’ comes in.


A term coined by Tom Smith, international artist in residence at London’s Billi Currie hair salon, he defines the style as ‘an androgynous and editorial look that’s drenched in gloss and moisture’ – much like Jennifer Lopez’s couture Schiaparelli look from a few weeks ago.

At its core, the ‘hydro-bob' is reminiscent of last year’s ‘boy bob’, and, although it may not sound like it, it’s actually incredibly practical to achieve. ‘The shape of the bob can be tailored to each individual, working with their features to create a length that sits between the lips and mid-neck,’ explains Smith.

‘The use of styling products then gives definition and provides hold, making it a great cut for anybody who likes their hair to feel both controlled and refined. I love it tucked behind one or both ears, and I think it looks great combined with a side parting.’

When it comes to the all-important styling aspect, Smith says that nourishing leave-in products are key. ‘Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother, £26.60, is ideal for the definition and hydration that this style requires,’ he explains.

And if you’re in the camp of people who don’t always find the time to do regular treatments, a great trick that I love is to style hair with your favourite moisture-boosting mask. ‘This will give the hair that semi-wet-look effect while allowing hair to soak in all that goodness at the same time,’ says Smith.

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