Ice Spice Is Being Trolled By Fans Over Her 'Really Nasty' Cooking

2023 mtv video music awards press room
Ice Spice Fans Troll Her 'Really Nasty' CookingTaylor Hill - Getty Images

Ice Spice may have walked away from the 2023 VMA's with the Best New Artist award, but the "Boy's a Liar" rapper isn't about to collect an award for her cooking skills.

On Sunday, the newly-crowned winner took to TikTok with her own scrambled egg recipe, which included eggs, raw onions, tomatoes, spinach, and a splash of water. And while the clip quickly went viral on social media, it wasn't because fans were impressed. In fact, quite the opposite.

After admitting herself that the breakfast might be "really nasty" because she's "not a cook" and it's her "first time," trolls took to the comment section of the now-deleted post calling the attempt (emphasis on attempt) "really tragic," PEOPLE reports. Others said the eggs had their "stomach beatboxing" and called the video "painful to watch!"

Another user reshared Ice Spice's scrambled egg tutorial to Twitter, writing, "ice spice making breakfast and it looks… interesting. well at least she’s eating her spinach," to which the rapper herself replied, "pls delete."

Ice Spice is not, however, the only celeb being roasted on the internet for having lackluster kitchen skills. Britney Spears was similarly criticized after she sharing what she called "the only way" to make an omelet. "Why don't restaurants serve bell peppers in omelettes???" she captioned the post, which was also deleted following backlash. "That's how I like it!!!"

"What the hell is that!!??!! Cuz it's definitely not an omelet lol," one fan wrote on Instagram. "She didn't even washed the veggies she used," another added. Meanwhile, a third person went as far to say that they were "never concerned" about Britney until "that video of her making an omelet."

While Ice Spice might not be a pro on the stove, the newly-minted VMA winner has her name on a new coffee drink. Just last week, Dunkin' announced its new Iced Spiced Munchkins Drink, which features creamy frozen coffee with Pumpkin Munchkins Donut Holes, whipped cream, and a caramel drizzle that's "reminiscent of the texture of a cookies and cream shake."

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