Idris Elba Fights to Save the Lives of 200 Plane Passengers in First 'Hijack' Trailer

From personal "negotiation" and secret communication with other passengers to a text for help sent to the ground, Elba's Sam Nelson is determined to "get home to my family" in this Apple TV+ thriller

<p> Apple TV+</p>

Apple TV+

This plane isn't going down if Idris Elba has any say in it.

The first trailer for the new Apple TV+ thriller Hijack is here. And in it is a determined Sam Nelson (Elba), who finds himself — and 200 other passengers — in the middle of a plane hijacking.

This hijacking is intense — with gunmen lining the plane’s aisle, and one hijacker collecting everyone's tech devices. In the urgency of the moment, Sam reminds his seatmate they have "one job to do right now," being to "just get through it" for their loved ones back home.

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<p> Apple TV+</p>

Apple TV+

It seems the passengers — and newly exiled pilot — are stuck in their seats. Constant gunmen patrol each section of the plane, making it impossible for any flyers to stand. But Sam hatches a plan to take down the attackers in hopes of saving everyone.

The plan in question involves his family back home. Sam sends a text to his son that reads: "Incident on plane."

While the family can't fully explain what Elba's Sam does for a living, they enlist outside help.

Sam, on the other hand, is ready to try some "negotiation" tactics. "There are 200 people on this flight. If they try something, and then this plane goes down, I don't get home to my family. Let me make you an offer," he says.

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<p> Apple TV+</p>

Apple TV+

Through a milk carton passed from seat to seat, Sam sends a message to all members of the flight: "Get ready to shake things up!" Some wrap seat belts around their hands, while others remove their jewelry.

However, off the plane, a shocking discovery is made about the flight list: "Five passengers on that plane do not exist."

Hijack follows the story of one seven-hour flight on its way to London. The hijacking — with both in-plane operations and assistance from the ground — will be told in real-time.

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Hijack will begin streaming on Apple TV+ on June 28.

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