Iggy Azalea hopes the world becomes 'less serious'

Iggy Azalea thinks the world ought to be "less serious".
The 32-year-old rap star believes that the public should embrace the "ridiculous" nature of pop culture - rather than pushing back against it.
Iggy wrote on Twitter: "Let pop culture be as ridiculous as it wants to be because life is short and too often dull, sad or monotonous.
"I want everyone to be 25 percent less serious."
The 'Work' hitmaker was subsequently asked to explain her viewpoint by one of her social media followers.
Iggy then clarified: "I mean, become 25 percent more fun.
"Hahahaha (sic)"
The chart-topping star also provided her own definition of a "fun person".
She said on the micro-blogging platform: "Anyone who’s not afraid of looking a lil foolish in the name of a good time. (sic)"
Whats more, Iggy thinks people ought to approach life with a more positive attitude.
In response to a Twitter follower who hailed Iggy's "type of fun", she explained: "Same. Hope you live a long and happy life cause this is the energy we need in the world!"
By contrast, Iggy recently revealed that she intended to focus on her business interests on Valentine's Day (14.02.23).
The rapper is currently single and Iggy insisted that she would be "skipping the roses", as she focuses on her businesses instead.
The blonde beauty - who has previously dated the likes of rap star ASAP Rocky and and basketball player Nick Young - wrote on Twitter earlier this month: "I’m doing a business meeting on Valentine’s Day and I really love that in my schedule cause this year is about getting this MONEYYYY and nothing else!!!
"Skipping the roses for now (sic)"