Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff die within days of each other

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Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff have died within days of each other after battling coronavirus.
The eccentric French twins have passed away at the age of 72 after reportedly being hospitalised when they contracted COVID-19 last month.
A statement released by Igor's family following his death on Monday (03.01.22) read: “In peace and love, surrounded by his children and his family, Igor Bogdanoff left for the light on Monday January 3, 2022."
He is survived by ex-wife Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, and their six children.
Igor's death came days after Grichka passed away on 28 December, 10 days after he was hospitalised with the virus.
Friends claimed the brothers were both unvaccinated, although neither their vaccine status or official causes of death have been confirmed by their relatives.
Luc Ferry, a professor of philosophy and former Minister of Education and friend of both brothers told French publication Le Monde: “Grichka, like Igor, was not an antivax. He was antivax for himself.
“Being very athletic, without a gram of fat, they believed that the vaccine was more dangerous. They never got sick.”
As well as presenting sci-fi shows in their native France including 'Temps X' and 'Rayon X', the twins recently appeared on their home country's version of 'The Masked Singer'.
The pair were best known internationally for their eccentric personalities and distinctive identical features, which they always denied were the result of cosmetic surgery.
Igor held a Ph. D in theoretical physics but he and his brother were the centre of controversy in the early 2000s over papers published in scientific journals which peers argued were not sufficiently reviewed and contained misleading claims.
The siblings were also figures in the cryptocurrency community and appeared in memes claiming they had "invented Bitcoin" after Grichka previously said he had contributed to its source code.

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