'I'm in agony!' Kerry Katona bedbound with back pain on 'rare day off' from work

Kerry Katona has been "bed bound" with "agonising" back pain.
The 42-year-old star - who has become a regular face in pantomime since her days as a pop star in the late 1990s and also claims to have made more than £1 million selling racy pictures on OnlyFans in recent years - has had a "rare couple of days off" but has spent them in bed as she tries to ameliorate the pain in her back and hips.
Writing in her new! magazine column, she said: "I've had a rare couple of days off work this week, but I've been bed bound. I'm in agony with my back and my hips I have arthritis in my hips.
I've suffered with the pain for a long time, but it's been worse over the past few days. It's like my body knows I have time off work so it shuts down.
"I think it's because I'm always on the go and running off adrenaline. But it's been nice to have a bit of a break, despite the pain."
Meanwhile, the former Atomic Kitten singer - who was initially married to Westlife singer Brian McFadden from 2002 until 2006 and has Molly, 21, and 20-year-old Lilly-Sue with him but went on to have Heidi, 16, and Max, 15, with second husband Mark Croft and also has nine-year-old daughter DJ with the late George Kay - went on to acknowledge the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week and admitted that the physical pain had also meant she had been struggling mentally but encouraged others to be "open and honest" about they are feeling.
She added: "Mental Health Awareness Week is coming up, from 15-21 May. As you know, I'm very open about my mental health and I think it's important to speak out. I've been struggling over the past week as I've been stuck in bed, and that gets me down. I like to be up and active. I haven't been able to do any training, which has affected me massively.
The smallest things can trigger my mood - even the weather. There's no shame in that and it's good to encourage people to be honest about how they're feeling.