'I'm not not gay': Diplo discusses his sexuality

Diplo has "got a b*** job from a guy" before but doesn't think it is "that gay".
The 'Lean On' producer - who has previously dated the likes of Katy Perry and M.I.A. - admitted he has received oral sex from a man in the past but doesn't want to "define" himself as homosexual, though he could potentially see himself with a male "life-partner".
Speaking to Emily Ratajkowski on her 'High Low' podcast, he said: "I don't want to define that I'm gay, but I think the best answer I have is I'm not not gay.
"There's a couple guys that I'd be like, 'I could date this guy… life partner-wise.' I'm not really aroused by men that much, that I know about.
"I'm sure that I've got a b*** job from a guy before. I've got a lot of b*** jobs... Getting a b*** job's not that gay, I think."
The 44-year-old producer - whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz - began talking about his sexuality after he explained his TikTok algorithm has recently showed him a number of "hot guys" chipping wood.
Emily, 31, the asked if TikTok is why Diplo knows he isn't completely heterosexual.
He replied: "Maybe. The wood-chopping guy is kinda sexy. They're hot guys, but I don't know if that's gonna be the thing that's gonna set me over into the gay side, totally, is the wood-choppers, but they're pretty hot guys."
He then described himself as "more of a vibe guy" than being concerned about a person's gender, and he's reflected on how "fluid" younger men seem to be now than when he was growing up.
He said: "Men that are younger than me, and I meet a lot in the scene, they're very fluid. It never was like that when I was in high school.
"There was definitely like, you had gay kids in school, and you had gay cousins or whatever. It was different than it is now.
"We knew that there was gay kids in middle school, but high school, there was always a small gay community at every school.
"When everybody was coming out, like 'Doss is gay,' all these artists were gay, I felt like it wasn't crazy.
"It's just weird how the temperature of our culture changed so much, but I thought it was never weird to be gay."