I'm quite prudish, says Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware is "quite prudish".
The 38-year-old singer has recorded a series of sex-positive songs for her new album, 'That! Feels Good!' - but Jessie acknowledges that it represents a step into the unknown for her.
She told the BBC: "Weirdly, considering I'm quite prudish, I've found it really fun tapping into this world. It gives me freedom musically. Hopefully it's slightly classy, with a bit of innuendo."
Jessie also joked that her own sex life is "quite non-existent".
The London-born star - who is married to Sam Burrows - added: "I mean, three children would imply otherwise, but yeah, it's funny because it's not somewhere that I would have ever expected my career and my music to go."
Meanwhile, Jessie recently confessed to being an instinctively "pessimistic" person.
The singer revealed that she actually considered quitting her music career to become a teacher before releasing her debut album, 'Devotion', in 2012.
Jessie told The Independent: "This is really boring for readers, but [my team] are the most optimistic people, and whenever I’m being self-deprecating or a Negative Nancy, they stop me.
"It’s so easy to catastrophise, or spiral out of control.
"I remember saying that if this all went to s*** after album one, I’d become a teacher, and that’d be fine - but I don’t need to think like that anymore. I’ve created a career.
"Oh God, I’m gonna sound really happy-clappy in this piece, aren’t I? I promise that deep down I’m still a dark, pessimistic person. I’m just trying to bring out the glass-half-full side now."
Jessie is also determined to ensure that her next tour will be a "great" experience for herself and her fans.
She said: "The next tour is gonna be great. I’m gonna make it be great. I’m throwing that out into the universe. Do I sound slightly cray-cray?"