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Ina Garten uses this knife sharpener to keep her blades in tip-top shape — grab it for 30% off

Believe it or not, dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp ones. Use this handy gadget to keep your cutlery a cut above.

Ina Garten uses this knife sharpener to keep her blades in tip-top shape — grab it for 30% off

Like so many people out there, I know how to cook because of one person alone: Ina Garten. (Sorry, mom!) I watched her cooking show, Barefoot Contessa, religiously when I first moved into my own apartment years ago and learned so many techniques that I still use to this day. Investing in the "good" olive oil? Garten taught me that. Rolling your lemons before juicing them? Yep, she taught me that, too.

Sadly, Garten's cooking show no longer comes on TV, but the queen of the kitchen is still doling out indispensable tips, tricks and advice on Instagram. Recently, she took to the 'gram to share her hack for keeping her knives super sharp.

A quick Amazon search led me to the exact knife sharpener Garten uses in her Instagram video. It's the Chef'sChoice 1520 model, and as luck would have it, it's on sale for more than 30% off ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

What makes this knife sharpener so special — and effective? The 100% diamond abrasives (yes, really!) that deliver razor-sharp results with just a few passes.

$125 at Amazon
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$125 at Wayfair$190 at Lowe's

Are there cheaper knife sharpeners out there? Certainly. But this is the one Garten uses, so there's that. Normally, this top-rated Chef'sChoice gadget would set you back almost $190, but right now it's down to $132. While that's not the lowest the price has ever dropped, it is among the most significant discounts Amazon has offered for the product over the last 60 days.

This may surprise you, but it's actually more risky to cut with dull knives than it is to cut with sharp knives. Why? When blades are sharp, they easily slice and dice. When they're dull, you need to apply more elbow grease to get the job done which increases the likelihood that you'll accidentally cut yourself in the process.

With that in mind, think about the last time you sharpened your knives. Or better yet, think about how much effort is required to chop veggies or slice meat when you're meal prepping. If you're borderline breaking a sweat just to cook dinner each night, there's a good chance your knives could stand to be sharpened.

While this knife sharpener isn't a kitchen tool you'll use daily (or even weekly), it is an important investment for maintaining your cutlery. The device has two functions — one for sharpening and one for polishing — and it works for both straight edge and serrated knives. There are few meals that don't require at least a little cutting, so keeping your knives sharps really is a requirement for anyone who cooks regularly.

In addition to Garten's seal of approval, the Chef'sChoice 1520 knife sharpener gets high marks from regular home cooks, too. It has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and 76% of the reviews are five-star.

One shopper who owns this gadget raved, "This is by far the best knife sharpener I have ever used. I have seen ugly old dull knives look brand new and sharp enough to cut through paper with ease. It isn't too big to store in the cabinet easily. It's easy and safe to use. It works very quickly with amazing results. I 100% recommend this knife sharpener!"

Another person commented, "Everywhere you look on their marketing materials they say this thing gets knives 'astonishingly sharp.' It's not hype. I sharpened a very nice Friederich Dick chef's knife, two Henckles (paring and filleting) and a sweet Global Santoku... and they're all like razors. The Santoku, paring, and filleting knives got the 15 degree edge for fine chopping and slicing of lighter veggies and boneless meats. I can butterfly a chicken breast in one smooth motion now - it's crazy!"

If you've never used an electric knife sharpener before, it may be worth reading the instruction manual before your first time. Or as one shopper wrote, "practice with cheaper knives before starting in on the top-line cutlery." They explained, "[There is] a bit of a learning curve here. [You have to] learn to avoid catching the blade on the plastic pressure guides that help keep the blade angle aligned. A light touch definitely works best."

Additionally, some caution that this product isn't best suited for all knives. One customer noted, "I'm a bit of a knife sharpening fanatic. I've been looking at [this one] for a long time and glad I finally pulled the trigger because it does a really nice job. Use it on your steak knives and or your chef knives, [but] I really wouldn't try it on expensive pocket knives. It doesn't sharpen all the way to the very back on a pocket knife because the handle kind of gets in the way and it's slightly uneven. [Otherwise, it's] great for any other kitchen knife, [it] does a nice job."

If you have a vast kitchen knife collection, rest assured this machine is well-equipped to handle models from different countries. "[I] love the Asian/European angle selection," one reviewer commented. "[This device works] quickly, sharpens noticeably, and it's such a pleasure to cut after freshly sharpened."

$125 at Amazon
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$125 at Wayfair$190 at Lowe's

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