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Ina Garten's not afraid of spiders (the $9 stainless steel strainer kind) and I'm a fan of these kitchen tools, too

With the Chirano Stainless Steel Spider, you'll be able to safely remove pasta from boiling water, fried foods from oil and more.

Picture this: You've cooked a big pot of pasta, and now it's time to drain the water out. Do you lift the heavy pot and try to pour the pasta into a colander without burning yourself, or use a slotted spoon to transfer two noodles at a time into the sauce? If you're Ina Garten, the answer is probably neither, since she's a fan of spiders. Wait, not that kind! The ones designed for kitchen use, like this highly rated Chirano Stainless Steel Spider.

As a kitchen product tester, I love using these unassuming tools, too. Not only do they make straining much less stressful than handling a heavy pot filled with boiling water, they can also hold more food than a slotted spoon, while allowing more water to drain out. For just nine bucks at Amazon, it's a no-brainer.

Yes, spiders do belong in the kitchen — as long as they come in the form of this handy food grabber, that is. 

$9 at Amazon

Resembling a metal web, the Chirano Stainless Steel Spider is heat-resistant for handling hot foods like a champ. In a Food Network story featuring Ina's favorite kitchen tools, it was noted that she uses a spider for taking "gnocchi, noodles or broccoli out of boiling water." I, too, use it for transferring vegetables and pasta, but it also comes in handy when I make doughnuts or anything deep-fried.

Its many small openings allow water, oil and other liquids to drain off more efficiently than using spoons, and thanks to its 13-inch handle, you won't have to worry about your hand getting too close to anything hot. Seeing as I have very little upper body strength, I find that I have much more control when using this tool as opposed to precariously pouring water out of a large pasta pot — that's a recipe for potential burns or accidentally letting all of your food spill out!

Ina Garten wearing a denim button-down shirt in a kitchen
When Ina Garten says she likes something, we listen — especially when it comes to cooking tools. (Mike Smith/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

The Chirano Stainless Steel Spider has scored perfect ratings from over 1,700 Amazon reviewers — not too shabby!

"Needed a small strainer that allows me to remove food from either hot water or oil," explained one happy home cook. "As someone who has mobility issues at times, that strainer is easier for me to use than a colander."

"Sturdy metal construction, the rings are sturdy enough to stand up to firm scrubbing, making this one easier to clean than others," shared another satisfied shopper. "The handles stay cool when using it in boiling liquid."

"Gets the job done," wrote a final fan. "Slightly lightweight. If [there's] too much on it, it will bend. Works great for fries and the like."

Deep-frying just got a whole lot less scary, thanks to this long-handled scooper.

$9 at Amazon

Another tool Ina keeps in her kitchen? This highly rated oven thermometer.

Whether your oven has hot spots or cooler areas, being able to gauge the temperature just might be the solution you've been waiting for if you've experienced inconsistent results. As Ina told the New York Times, "No matter what it says on the dial, the oven itself could be totally different" — and if her pro-level oven needs a backup reading, just think of how helpful having one of these could be for the rest of us.

"Bought this because cookies just weren't coming out right, despite using the same ingredients/recipe as previously," wrote an impressed buyer. "Found out that my oven temp was 25 degrees off! It hangs easily from the top rack so it's easy to check and see when we've reached the correct temp."

$8 at Amazon

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