Ina Garten's V-Day Playlist Explains Why She And Jeffrey Have Been Married For So Long

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Ina Garten Shares Her Valentine's Day Playlist@inagarten on Instagram

The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. You can treat your boo with a special gift, take them to a fancy restaurant, or cook a romantic meal at home. Couples everywhere will be getting festive, but no pair is as aspirational and as adorable as Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey.

Since tying the knot over 55 years ago, Jeffrey Garten has made countless appearances on The Barefoot Contessa, in Ina’s many cookbooks, and on her social media accounts. And on top of that, he’s often spotted wearing his wife’s official merch. Let’s be real: Jeffrey is the blueprint when it comes to supporting your spouse.

Just like with any other holiday, Ina and Jeffrey go all out for Valentine’s Day. And in a post shared to Instagram this week, Ina reveals one of her nonnegotiable rules for a romantic dinner—you need to play some good music.

Thankfully, our favorite hostess with the mostest created a playlist for both Spotify and Apple Music listeners to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Ina rounded up some classic romantic tunes from Nat King Cole, Julie London, and Etta James. And alongside the old school offerings, she also included a couple tracks from her bestie Taylor Swift. It looks like Ina and Jeffrey will be jamming to "Lover" and "Mine" (Taylor’s Version, naturally) this Valentine’s Day.

Instagram users flooded the comments section to share their feelings about Ina’s playlist. “Your playlists are great- they’ve become my go-to’s for several occasions,” one user wrote.

Another commenter added, “LOVE the T-Swift on this playlist ❤"

But one Instagram user spoke for everybody else flying solo this Valentine’s Day: “The music helps, but where can I find a Jeffrey by tomorrow?”

As it turns out, Ina and Jeffrey’s Valentine’s Day plans aren’t just for the lovers this year. In another Instagram post from earlier this week, Ina revealed that her celebration will be a group affair.

“People usually spend Valentine’s Day with their one special person, but Jeffrey and I like to extend the love and include friends, as well,” she writes.

Ina also gives us a sneak peek of the dishes that will grace her V-Day menu. Her guests are been treated to some fig and cheese toasts, roasted filet of beef with basil Parm mayo, and Cosmopolitans (does this mean Taylor and Travis are joining?).

And, to round out the meal, Ina’s appropriately using a panna cotta recipe from her book Cooking for Jeffrey. As if we didn't need any more proof that Ina and Jeffrey are couple goals.

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