Influencer Tammy Hembrow poses in underwear after revealing people used to mock her body

The popular fitness influencer said people used to deem her physique not 'sexy' or 'feminine'. Read more.

Australian fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has shut down online trolls and haters, posing in some black floral lingerie and telling fans she used to be told that her body wasn't 'sexy'.

The mum of three, who recently just turned 30, is one of Australia's most successful influencers, with 17.5 million followers on the platform, and 2 million followers on TikTok. She founded the athleisure fashion line Saski, as well as the wellness program and app Tammy Fit.

Tammy, who's engaged to Love Island star Matt Zukowski, recently shared some snaps with her followers about her physique, proving why it's not worth listening to the online haters.

"I used to get told ALL the time that strong isn’t ‘sexy’ or ‘feminine’. A few years into my training it was a daily occurrence," she captioned the snaps. "Safe to say I still wholeheartedly disagree."

Tammy Hembrow in black lingerie
Tammy Hembrow said she's been called not sexy before because of her strong physique. Photo:

Given the influencer has millions of followers, many people praised her for her candidness while others still couldn't help but judge.

"Shouldnt Matt be the only one to see these kind of pictures?" one person asked, but others jumped in to compliment the star.

"You look absolutely stunning don't worry what people say long as you are happy with the results," one person commented. "You are absolutely amazing," another person said.

"You are living proof that strong is sexy, hen! Goals," another person commented.

After weeks of speculation, Tammy and fiancé Matt confirmed they were still together, with Matt uploading a devoted Instagram post for Tammy on her 30th birthday.

Tammy and Matt got engaged last year just months after they made their relationship public. Photo:
Tammy and Matt got engaged last year just months after they made their relationship public. Photo:

"Happy 30th birthday my beautiful fiancée. Can’t wait for the next 30 and 30 more years with you ❤️ I love you," he said on the series of images.

"All is good in the world with you guys thank goodness!!" one person commented. "So nice to see you happy," another person said.

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