Inquest to reveal fate of British men who died in Ukraine - as family say they were 'executed'

An inquest will reveal what happened to two British aid workers who died in Ukraine - as the family of one say they were executed, possibly by Wagner Group mercenaries.

Chris Parry, 28, and Andrew Bagshaw, 47, went missing in January last year while trying to evacuate civilians from Soledar on the eastern frontline, amid heavy fighting around them.

Between them they are believed to have saved hundreds of lives, pulling people out of rubble in newly liberated towns and villages.

A coroner is expected to conclude the inquest into the death of Mr Parry during a hearing in Oxford today.

At the time they went missing, the UK foreign office said the pair had been killed by an artillery shell - but Mr Bagshaw's family has since said that autopsy results reveal a darker truth.

"They were executed," Professor Philip Bagshaw, Andrew's father, told Sky News from his home in New Zealand.

Referencing a post-mortem examination for Andrew, he said the results show that his son was shot in the torso and once to the head.

He described it as "classic execution style" and said people he and wife Dame Sue Bagshaw have spoken to in Ukraine suggest it was carried out by Wagner troops.

Professor Bagshaw said wounds suffered by Mr Parry were "virtually identical".

Mr Parry's family haven't commented publicly on the Bagshaws' claims.

In the days following the pair's disappearance, Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin posted a photo that appeared to show passports bearing the names of Mr Bagshaw and Mr Parry.

Since their son's death, Professor Bagshaw and Dame Sue have been raising money for Ukraine through a memorial trust in his name.

"We're very, very proud of him," Dame Sue said. "We're really proud of the fact he was his own man, he didn't compare himself with anyone he just did what he thought was right."

Speaking ahead of Mr Parry's inquest, they called for the UK government to investigate if a war crime was committed.

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Mr Parry, originally from Cornwall, spent months going into recently liberated villages on some of the most dangerous parts of the frontline where he rescued hundreds of civilians.

He spoke to Sky News in 2022 about his experiences in Ukraine, including being shelled by Russian artillery.

After the news of his death in Ukraine, his family said his "selfless determination" in helping people made them "extremely proud".

They added: "It is impossible to put into words how much he will be missed but he will forever be in our hearts."