Ireland Baldwin is naming her baby after this European country...

Ireland Baldwin is naming her baby Holland.
The 27-year-old model - who is the daughter of Holywood stars Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife Kim Basinger - is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend RAC and has decided to give her baby a geographical location name like her own but is also a big fan of 'Two and Half Men' actress Holland Taylor.
She said: "We’re naming her Holland. I’m Ireland, so another country name because we wanted to keep that consistent. And then I love the actress Holland Taylor. I’ve always loved that name since I was young, I just thought that was such a classy, beautiful name, so we’re going with Holland."
Meanwhile, Ireland explained that she is excited for motherhood because she will be able to give the baby the "stability" that she claims she "never had" throughout her childhood.
Speaking on the 'Girlboss Radio' podcast, she added: "What I’m most excited about is really more centered around a lot of things I really wanted in terms of stability as a child myself that I didn’t have. What’s kind of exciting is I get to raise this little human and do things completely differently than what I was taught was the norm. It’s cool that I get to unconditionally love this person and do my best to make her as equipped for this world and badass as possible."
The news comes just weeks after Ireland explained that admitted she had "underestimated" what a big change she would go through, both physically and mentally.
She wrote in a lengthy Instagram post: "Pregnancy is hard. It takes so much out of you. I wasn’t ready for that
“I’ve always wanted a baby with the right person.
“I grew up with a very jaded perception of what love really looked like and I always wanted to have a child of my own with someone who would treat us right and love us unconditionally.
“Relationships are heard. Break ups are very hard. Losing job. Losing a loved one. Getting sick. All of that is extremely difficult.
“But I underestimated just how hard pregnancy would be on my mind and my body.
“Being someone who deals with extreme health anxiety on a daily basis, pregnancy turned things into a high gear.
“I’ve struggled to adapt to these changes. Bodily sensations. Pains and aches. Organs going to s*** randomly.
“I know everyone has an entirely different experience and mine is easy compared to most but f*** it’s a struggle.
“It’s so hard to have so much pressure on yourself.
“Forget the physical aspect… I feel like my brain and thoughts are going to war every single day. Mental warfare."