Ireland Baldwin 'struggling' with difficulties of pregnancy

Ireland Baldwin is "struggling" with how "hard" pregnancy is.
The 27-year-old model - who revealed last month she is expecting her first child with boyfriend RAC - admitted she had "underestimated" what a big change she would go through, both physically and mentally.
She wrote in a lengthy Instagram post: "Pregnancy is hard. It takes so much out of you. I wasn’t ready for that.
“I’ve always wanted a baby with the right person.
“I grew up with a very jaded perception of what love really looked like and I always wanted to have a child of my own with someone who would treat us right and love us unconditionally.
“Relationships are heard. Break ups are very hard. Losing job. Losing a loved one. Getting sick. All of that is extremely difficult.
“But I underestimated just how hard pregnancy would be on my mind and my body.
“Being someone who deals with extreme health anxiety on a daily basis, pregnancy turned things into a high gear.
“I’ve struggled to adapt to these changes. Bodily sensations. Pains and aches. Organs going to s*** randomly.
“I know everyone has an entirely different experience and mine is easy compared to most but f*** it’s a struggle.
“It’s so hard to have so much pressure on yourself.
“Forget the physical aspect… I feel like my brain and thoughts are going to war every single day. Mental warfare."
Ireland - who is the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger - admitted she is feeling lonely and isolated.
She also wrote: “I feel like life is passing by and my career hasn’t even begun.
“It’s hard coming on here and seeing mutual dressing up for events, getting drinks, working on sets, going to school. It’s hard feeling alone.
“I have my boyfriend who, without him, I think I would have lost my mind.
“He’s everything and more to me but man, it’s hard moving somewhere with no family.
“It’s hard not being really close to family to begin with because they live far or are idiots that I want nothing to do with.
“It’s hard seeing other people go through this and have their parents close by.
“It’s even harder watching some of your friends fade away or not know how to relate to you anymore. Especially when you were nothing to them but a drinking buddy and a good time.
“It’s hard making new friends at 27 years old. It’s hard keeping old ones close when they’re so far away.
“It’s hard when your closest friends have their own s*** going on and you don’t know when’s a good time to emotionally dump on them. This s*** is hard.”
But Ireland - who told how pregnancy is causing her to vomit multiple times a day - is still "excited" about having her daughter and is trying to be positive about the future.
Having explained she had shared her post to help others with similar feelings, she wrote: “And even through all of this, none of this reflects on how excited I am to be her mom.
“My career isn’t going anywhere and if it is, f*** it.
“The friends that mattered most will be there and you’ll have more room for new friendships.
“All of this is still worth it but it’s ok to admit how hard and scary it all can be.
“You are not alone.”