Irish woman's 'spooky' dream about brother in Australia turns out to be true in emotional twist

Caoimhe McGoldrick, 23, was stunned when her brother texted her from Australia to confirm her dream was more prescient than she knew.

Caoimhe McGoldrick, 23, smiles at the camera (left). Michael and Diana smile on the grass with their dog with the Sydney skyline behind them (right).
Caoimhe McGoldrick's (left) dream about her brother Michael and his partner Diana (right) turned out to be right on the money. Source: Supplied

For Australia's ever-growing migrant community, it can be hard staying connected with family and friends back home — especially when the time difference is particularly unhelpful. Text messages often do the heavy lifting and although it's not the same as being in the same room as a loved one, in this instance, a written record came in handy for two siblings.

A recent "spooky" connection between a sister and her brother living over 17,000 kilometres apart has admittedly "freaked out" the entire family, with the siblings sharing the crazy exchange with Yahoo.

Caoimhe McGoldrick's brother Michael immigrated from Ireland to Australia in 2017, and has been living in Melbourne with his partner Diana who he met in the city after moving down from Sydney.

Despite living on separate continents for seven years, the siblings keep in regular contact and Michael was the first person Caoimhe texted when she had a vivid dream at the end of April.

"I had a dream Diana took a pregnancy test and I was there for some reason, we all went for a scan," the 23-year-old told Yahoo News. "I had the dream and as soon as I woke up I texted him. He replied normally but then a few weeks later he sent me the scan, said I should put on some lottery numbers...

"It took me a moment to catch on."

The text exchange between siblings Caoimhe and Michael.
Caoimhe dreamt her brother's partner was pregnant before they had told her the news. Source: Supplied

It turns out Michael and Diana were indeed pregnant and Caoimhe's dream was freakishly accurate, with the timeline off by just two weeks.

"In my dream she was told she was eight weeks pregnant... when I sent that text to him she would have been about 10 weeks," she said.

Caoimhe believes it was simply a coincidence that her dream happened to foresee the future but is admittedly comforted by the "strange" turn of events, especially since the distance makes it difficult for her to see her brother as often as she would like.

"I was in Australia in 2018, me and Mum went to the Gold Coast and it was brilliant, but I was a hormonal teenager then who took it for granted... the [baby] news is lovely but at the same time, it's sad because they're so far away. It's not like you can just get up and see him.

"When you have bad dreams, you're like, 'Oh my God, I hope it doesn't come true' ... but this is great," she said.

Michael and Diana's baby is due in November and the family couldn't be happier.

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