Israeli Lawmaker Screams at Families of Hostages Over Hamas Death Penalty Bill

Reuters/Joseph Cambell
Reuters/Joseph Cambell

A far-right Israeli lawmaker reportedly screamed at the families of hostages being held in Gaza for sharing their fears that a new bill allowing the death penalty for captured Hamas militants could lead to their own loved ones’ execution, The Times of Israel reported Monday. The families’ testimonies were fiercely condemned by Tzvika Fogel, an elected official of the Otzma Yehudit party, who claimed the families were “trying to represent Hamas more than the State of Israel” for opposing the bill. Fogel began Monday’s hearing by exclaiming that the Israeli government “do not need to feed these beasts,” referring to Hamas prisoners. A grieving family member, Gil Dickmann, said he was shocked he was painted as siding with his loved one’s captors, but he still begged Fogel to understand his position. “Please do not have a hearing now on the death penalty,” he said through tears. “Not when the lives of our loved ones are in the balance, not when the sword is on their necks.”

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