Italy election results could be worrying for gov’t stability –analyst

STORY: Davide Angelucci, political analyst at LUISS University in Rome said that while Meloni had reason to celebrate her party's success, there was the potential for government instability.

"The older partners of the coalition did not (do) so well. This is true particularly for the League. Going below 10% means that this will probably open fractures within the party and fractures within different factions of the party," he said.

Asked about how this could change the international role of Italy and how far could a right-wing government push in terms of conservative reforms, Angelucci pointed out that the current international landscape and Italy's place within the EU creates a set of boundaries which would prevent any extreme action to be taken.

“Italy right now is part of this huge great bloc which is the European Union and it is part of international agreements, it is part of arrangements at international level which cannot be simply re-negotiated overnight. This is something that is part of this country, and this country is part of this network of relations which cannot be simply put into question so easily," he added.