J.K Simmons reveals why he 'squealed like a four-year-old' when he first met his wife

J.K Simmons "squealed like a four-year-old" when he first met his wife.
The 69-year-old actor has been married to Michelle Schumacher 57, since 1996 but revealed that when she joined a production of 'Peter Pan' that he was starring in in 1991, he went to her dressing room and promptly stubbed his toe after trying to be "cool" in front of her.
He told People: "As was my wont back then, I rented a car. I don't know where I was going but I was just leaving the parking lot, and I saw our dance captain walking with this beautiful, petite blonde. I just tried my best not to be the idiot who's craning his neck leering at this beautiful young woman.
"I wanted to just be charming and wish her a good show. "I knocked and [she said] ‘Come in'. She was, like most dancers, dressed in her dance underwear. I tried to be Mr. Cool and wish her a good show.
"And I turned around and made my smooth exit by hugely stubbing my big toe on the door of her dressing room, squealing like a four-year-old.
"Somehow, she still found me attractive!"
The Academy Award-winning star - who has Joe, 25, and 22-year-old Olivia with Michelle - found out years later that his future wife had questioned who it was who had just squealed in her dressing room without any clue that it was her future husband.
He said:" Much, much, much later, Michelle told me that she had said, ‘Oh, who's that?’ The dance captain had said, ‘Oh, that's J.K. He's straight. He's our Captain Hook."
The pair were on tour with the show in Florida when they met and both continued starring in it when it transferred to Broadway in 1992.