Jackie O hits back at claims she stole TV role from Home and Away star

Jackie O will be narrating the new reality series Stranded On Honeymoon Island, but drama has kicked off behind-the-scenes.

Jackie O Henderson is set to narrate Stranded on Honeymoon Island. Photo: Seven/Instagram
Jackie O Henderson is set to narrate Stranded on Honeymoon Island. Photo: Seven/Instagram

Channel Seven's new reality series Stranded On Honeymoon Island is set to premiere at some point in 2024, with the network making an announcement last week that radio star Jackie O Henderson will be narrating the reality show.

The series will follow 12 singles unlucky in love, as they become stranded together for three weeks on an island. The show has previously been described as a "Survivor meets Married At First Sight" concept, so we can only assume it will be full of drama... but if New Idea is to be believed, the drama is already happening off screen too.

The magazine reported that industry sources were shocked by Jackie O being chosen for narrator, as many within the network thought the role would go to Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou who was the first to introduce the series during Channel Seven's Upfronts last year.

Ada Nicodemou
It was assumed Home and Away star Ada would be narrating the show after she announced it at the Channel Seven Upfronts. Photo: Instagram.com/adanicodemou

"If you're bad at relationships and you can't even get to the second date, let alone find the love of your life, what do you do? Well, I have a show for you … Stranded on Honeymoon Island,' Ada announced, with many assuming the actress would then be part of the series after being a member of the Channel Seven family for over 20 years.


An insider spoke to New Idea about Jackie O's appointment, saying "many eyebrows were raised".

"While there is little doubt Jackie is a perfect fit to narrate a show like this one, there is a feeling Seven should have looked internally to someone who has been loyal to the network, like a Home and Away star such as Ada or Emily Weir," they said.

However, another source said the decision was purely a business move. "It's good business sense for Seven to hire Jackie for Honeymoon Island," the source said. "Seven bosses likely know that shows like MAFS get a lot of airtime on KIIS airwaves and were smart to secure Kyle for Australian Idol, where he was able to drum up his involvement. Now they've got Jackie to ensure Honeymoon Island is hopefully a ratings hit."


This morning, Jackie O addressed the rumours on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, saying her mother sent her the article and brought it to her attention.

"I'm completely unaware of that story," Jackie said. "I actually don't even know if they've got that story right, to be honest."

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