Jacob Elordi: Saltburn star accused of assaulting radio reporter outside Sydney hotel

Saltburn star Jacob Elordi has been accused of assaulting a radio reporter by pushing him against a wall and putting his hands on his throat.

The Brisbane-born actor was approached in a beer garden outside a hotel in Sydney by an employee of an Australian breakfast radio show, it has been claimed.

Joshua Fox, formerly UK-based and a producer on The Kyle And Jackie O Show on KIIS FM, claimed Elordi reacted angrily when he asked him to recreate a moment from the film Saltburn, a thriller about high society.

The scene sees Oliver Quick, played by Irish actor Barry Keoghan, drink Elordi's character Felix Catton's bathwater.

In a clip posted on Instagram, Fox told the radio show's listeners: "He [Jacob] says 'Hey, are you filming? Can you not?' And I go 'Yeah, that's fine'."

Fox went on: "He then kinda gets up in my face. So close, you know, someone standing over you and he's like taller than me. I could have kissed him he was that close.

"So I'm backed against this wall, he's right in my face... Jacob demands I delete the footage, and I say, 'yeah, that's fine', because we are not going to use it, the joke didn't land."

He claimed he told the actor he would delete the footage and then refused to because he felt "uncomfortable" and alleged Elordi then "pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat".

Fox hopes they can 'move on'

Fox said someone made a complaint to police on his behalf and that he hoped they can both "move on" from the incident.

He has since posted to his Instagram stories, writing: "Thank you for the kind messages. I won't be discussing or commenting on the Jacob Elordi incident away from what I said on air this morning."

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What do police say?

In a statement to the PA news agency on Monday, the New South Wales Police Force said: "Officers attached to Eastern Beaches Police Area Command are investigating after a man was allegedly assaulted outside a hotel in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

"Police were told about 3.30pm on Saturday 3 February 2024, a 32-year-old man was allegedly assaulted by a 26-year-old man.

"The man did not sustain any injuries."

They added enquiries into the incident continue.

Sky News has approached Elordi's representatives for comment.

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Who is Jacob Elordi?

Elordi has been nominated for Bafta's 2024 Rising Star Award.

He has recently starred as Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola's biographical drama about the famous musician's ex-wife, Priscilla.

The 26-year-old is also known for HBO's Euphoria and Netflix romance trilogy The Kissing Booth.