Jade Jagger ‘fined around £1,250’ by Spanish court after being convicted of resisting arrest and wounding in Ibiza

Jade Jagger has reportedly been fined around £1,250 by a Spanish court after she was convicted of resisting arrest and wounding following a disturbance in Ibiza.
The 51-year-old jewellery designer – the daughter of The Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger and his ex-wife Bianca Jagger – is said to have been arrested on Wednesday (17.05.23) and her boyfriend Anthony Hinkson has been handed a four-month sentence for assault.
He is not expected to serve any time in prison as sentences of less than two years are normally automatically suspended in Spain for first-time offenders.
The value of Jade’s fine has been widely reported to be around £1,250.
A court official said: “Court of Instruction Number One in Ibiza has held a speedy trial following a plea bargain deal against A W and J J who were arrested on Wednesday in Ibiza.
“The judge has convicted A W of a crime of atentado contra la autoridad (assault) and handed him a four-month prison sentence.
“The same judge has fined JJ for a crime of serious resistance and a minor offence of wounding.
“The fine for the first offence is 10 euros daily over four months and for the second it is a 20-day fine at 10 euros a day.
“JJ must also compensate her victim with 800 euros.”
According to Spain’s El Pais newspaper, Jade and a 31 year old were detained following an altercation at a restaurant in Ibiza’s old town.
Spanish publication El Mundo reported Jade’s friend was allegedly shouting at restaurant staff, and the National Police arrived at the eatery to try to diffuse the situation.
A source told MailOnline: “Police arrested two people last night, a man and a woman, in Ibiza.”
Jade last week posted a picture of herself on a sun lounger at the five-star Nobu Hotel in Ibiza Bay.
She wrote in the Instagram caption: “Spring back to Ibiza a with a little glamour @ibizabay #nobu.”
Jade has three children, daughters Assisi, 30, and Amba, 26, with her ex-partner Piers Jackson, and eight-year-old son Ray, who she has with her ex-husband Adrian Fillary.
She and Adrian split in 2021 after nine years.
Jade gave birth to Ray a month after delivering her first grandchild, Ezra, when her daughter Assisi went into labour.
She told British Vogue magazine in 2018: “People are often amazed to hear that, I delivered my first granddaughter, Ezra, myself.
“All of this might have been slightly easier to handle if I hadn't been almost nine months pregnant myself.
“But I suppose that's the sort of thing that happens when your family doesn't worry too much about convention.”