Jade Thirlwall shows off new tattoo and flashes underboob in new set of social media snaps

Jade Thirlwall has shown off a new tattoo and flashed her underboob in a new set of social media pictures.
The singer, 29, took to her Instagram to pose for the images on Wednesday (17.08.22), which also displayed her toned torso.
As she raised her arms above her head, she showed off an unseen inking of the head of an Egyptian Pharoah.
She said in a caption: “Jade Day. I exist, you’re welcome,” prompting her fans to flooded her comments section with praise.
It comes after Jade was spotted looking unrecognisable as she headed to the Mighty Hoopla festival in disguise in a blonde wig.
She later revealed how she had her phone stolen last month on holiday in Ibiza.
But the ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ singer told her 9.3 million followers she enjoyed being without a device for a few days after it was taken.
Alongside photos of on her holiday with her musician boyfriend Jordan Stephens, 30, Jade said: “Shoutout to whoever stole my phone. Not having one for a little while was truly bliss. Anyway, here’s me being a basic b***h in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago.”
On her flight home from the trip, Jade shared a video of a barefooted passenger on board her plane, with her clip showing a foot with painted toenails stretching to the ceiling of the aircraft in view of other passengers.
Jade said she had been a “little rattled” by the sight after the video was shared on Tiktok with the title ‘Breathtaking views at 38,000 feet’.
Jade moved in with Jordan in October 2020 and said at the time she thought they were perfectly suited.
She told the Metro: “Anyone who has supported you through hard times is really important.
“It’s quite special seeing that. It’s the one positive to come out of this. Me and Jordan… we are a good match. We are so chilled out, we are horizontal!”
Jordan has said about the relationship: “My girlfriend has got three different kinds of smiles and there’s this one where, I don’t know how to explain it, you can just tell it’s a pure reflection of how she's feeling in that moment.
“When we are both mucking about and she just busts out this smile, I think, ‘Oh my God’. I just feel full of joy.”