Jane Fonda: 'Everybody should be able to get married'

Rebekah Scanlan

Jane Fonda has thrown her support behind Australia's same-sex marriage debate.

The Hollywood heavyweight talked to Be ahead of the marriage equality plebicite result next week, in which she said she believed love is love.

"Everybody should be able to get married," Jane said, exclusively. "Many of my friends are gay women and men, married with children, and those marriages are more stable
than most.

Jane Fonda has told Be that she supports marriage equality, ahead of the plebicite results on the 15th November. Source: Getty

The Grace & Frankie star's support is particularly poignant as her huge Netflix sitcom is based on two women who bond over the fact their husbands both leave them, for each other.

"Television has played an important role in marriage equality," Jane, 79, added.

Jane, seen with the other stars of Grace & Frankie, told Be she thinks everybody should be able to get married. Source: Getty

Her on-screen hubby, Robert, played by Martin Sheen, leaves her in the first season of the show for Frankie's other half, Sol, played by Sam Waterston.

The 1960s screen siren, who most famously played space agent Barbarella, is no stranger to taking a stand for equality.

The actress, pictured at this year's Emmys, is a fierce advocate for equality. Source: Getty

In the past she's bravely opened up about being a survivor of sexual assault and now admits she's relishing playing her character, Grace, as she get's to promote and encourage women's sexuality as the storyline delves into single life as a mature adult and how that affects your sexuality.

"What women tell us, is it gives them hope," she said to Be, discussing the taboo nature of masturbation. "It makes them excited."

Jane and Lily have loved creating a conversation around taboo subjects like marriage equality and self-pleasure. Source: Getty

"The funny part about younger people watching and enjoying it," Jane added. "Is that it could very much relate to their mother or grandmother – who could be doing what we do."

The fourth season of the hilarious comedy series, which also stars Lily Tomlin, 78, is currently in production, with it proving so popular the streaming site have released it to DVD.

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