Jane Seymour uses lighting trick to take years off her age

Jane Seymour uses a special lighting trick to knock years off her age.
The 72-year-old actress is known for her youthful looks, but the 'Live and Let Die' star now confessed she gets a little extra help looking good thanks to a trick of the light she's developed over the years which she's named "Jane's igloo" and insists on using whenever she appears on screen.
In an interview with Definition magazine, reported by the Daily Mail's Richard Eden, Jane explained: "Nobody else needs one [a lighting trick] because they're under 30. Basically, the minute you take the top light off me I don't have bags under my eyes.
"If you have top light, my eyes become very baggy. So, I need something straight at me."
She added: "Mercifully, I can take a lot of light. I’ve done so many films where I understand the light for me, I'm also an artist and like to do photography as well, so I understand what makes good and bad light for myself – what will and won’t work. I never have to ask, though. They figure it out, usually on the first day."
Jane previously insisted she's been growing old gracefully without using any cosmetic procedures to reverse the ageing process - and says her looks are a blessing because she can play both younger and older roles.
Speaking to Radio Times magazine: “No [I haven't had any cosmetic surgery]! No! I don’t see any reason to be a much younger version of myself.
"When they put a wig on me, I can easily play younger. And with a different wig and bad lighting, I can be older. You can’t change faces without distorting things – if you change the nose, that throws out the mouth, so you fix that and it’s a never-ending cycle. I’m perfectly happy to play a little old lady."