These Japanese flowers made of ice cream are almost too beautiful to eat


A Japanese ice cream creation made to look like beautiful flowers has taken the internet by storm. 

Blooms on a cone: The viral ice cream, served at the cafe (Thisis) Shizen in Kyoto, is captivating dessert lovers with its meticulously crafted "roses" made from vanilla ice cream infused with sweet red bean paste. Even the base of the bouquet is edible as its cone has a bed of puffed rice. 

The flower ice cream has become a craze online, garnering thousands of views and shares on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

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Main ingredient: Known as "anko" in Japanese, the sweet red bean paste is made from azuki beans, which are boiled, mashed and sweetened with sugar to create a thick, paste-like consistency. The taste of red bean paste is similar to that of a cooked sweet potato, with a slightly sweet and earthy flavor.

Mix and match: The cafe's signature "ice bouquet" features three rose-shaped ice cream flowers in vibrant red, blue and yellow hues nestled on a bed of green "leaves," which are also crafted from ice cream. The beautiful treat is priced at 1,650 Japanese yen ($11). Customers can personalize their bouquets by choosing their preferred flower colors and ice cream flavors.

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(Thisis) Shizen is known for its playful and artistic approach to traditional Japanese sweets. It often incorporates seasonal ingredients and modern techniques to create unique and visually captivating treats.


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