Jarvis Cocker failed to repair bond with estranged dad

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Jarvis Cocker's relationship with his estranged father was "constantly very uncomfortable".
The Pulp legend's late father, Mack, left him when he was just seven, and when they reunited in 2007 in Australia, they found it extremely difficult to repair the broken father-son bond.
Speaking on the 'How To Fail With Elizabeth Day' podcast, Jarvis recalled: “I did attempt to get to know my dad later in life. And what became really apparent really quickly was because there had been this long, 20-25 year gap, that when we eventually did meet each other and try to establish a relationship, it just didn't work. Because there had just been too much time that elapsed, there was nothing there to work on. So it created a very weird atmosphere, which was like, I feel I should be close to this person, but I'm not. And so it was constantly very uncomfortable, I think for both of us, and neither of us managed to get over that.”
At the time of the reunion, the 'Common People' hitmaker admitted it was like meeting a stranger.
He said: "If this happened on a TV show we'd all have been in floods of tears and declaring how much we loved each other. But although we are biologically related it was like meeting someone I didn't know. We didn't have a parent-child relationship."
The 58-year-old musician added: "I had built up a picture of the man I thought he would be but then I faced the reality. It was difficult."

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