MAFS: Jayden's wild X-rated confession shocks fans

His sordid revelation left wife Eden in tears and MAFS viewers appalled.

The honeymoons are officially over on MAFS, metaphorically and literally, as Confessions Week descends to cause absolute chaos to the burgeoning relationships, rocking even the stronger unions.

From the infamous photo ranking task to phone swaps and confession letters, it was Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper's turn to face the music after a blissful wedding and honeymoon period.

In his Confessions Week letter, Jayden told Eden that after his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, he agreed to get back with her if she allowed him to sleep with one of her friends while she watched. For additional context for those who have forgotten, Eden's big storyline on MAFS so far has been that her ex-partner cheated on her with her lifelong best friend, so let's just say the confession left her quite rattled.

Eden reacts to Jayden's confession
Jayden rocked Eden with his confession letter, and not in a good way. Photo: Nine

As a shocked Eden took in the information, she asked Jayden if he regretted the incident to which he said he didn't.

'The men on this show need to be studied'

The confession left many MAFS fans appalled.

"The FBI couldn’t get that confession out of me," one person joked, with another saying, "I wouldn't even write that in my own diary."

"The men on this show need to be studied," another said. "Good lord there are some crazy broken young people and MAFS puts them on national TV! They should be weeding these people out, not accepting their applications," another person commented.


"Just when I thought he wasn't like his brother. That is not normal behaviour!! I feel sorry for her, this is definitely a red flag," someone commented.

Some other fans thought it wasn't that big of a deal.

"I don’t think it’s that bad. His gf knew. She was there. It’s not like he was lying and sneaking around?! What am I missing," one person said.

"Oh whoooo cares!!!! People have 3somes, 4somes etc all the time. As long as all parties agree then what’s the harm?" another commented.

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