Jeannie Mai askes judge to delay enforcing pre-nup

Jeannie Mai has asked a judge to delay enforcing her pre-nuptial agreement with Jeezy.
The 45-year-old TV star split from Jeezy, 46, last year, and Jeannie has now claimed that their pre-nuptial negotiations began five days before their wedding in 2021, at the rap star's request.
Jeannie claims that the circumstances surrounding the negotiations cast doubt on the "integrity" of the agreement, 'Entertainment Tonight' reports.
Documents filed with the court explain: "The abbreviated negotiation window raises significant concerns about the adequacy and thoroughness of the due diligence process, and each party’s 'full and fair disclosure' of their financial positions.
"Given the compressed time-frame, it was inherently challenging, if not impossible, for either party to engage in comprehensive due diligence. The result being an inability to fully comprehend, scrutinise, and verify the accuracy of the disclosed financial information."
The TV star has claimed that during their negotiations, Jeezy failed to show "comprehensive supporting financial documents that would provide a transparent and detailed view of [his] assets, liabilities, and overall financial standing".
The documents read: "This limited disclosure raises significant concerns about Mr. Jenkins' adherence to the requisite standards of transparency and completeness ... In this case, the quick nature of the negotiation process coupled with Ms. Jenkins' legitimate concerns regarding the accuracy of Mr. Jenkins' financial disclosures reinforces the need for caution and discovery."
Meanwhile, Jeannie recently insisted that she won't allow setbacks to "shape" her life.
Jeannie - who turned 45 on January 4 - took to social media to celebrate her latest birthday and to reflect on her experiences over the last 12 months.
She wrote on Instagram: "Dang. Another year around this blazing sun.
"If my story were to end right now, my heart would swell with overwhelming gratitude over how much I have already lived.
"I thank God for the growth. The achievements. The lessons. All I have overcome. And most importantly- for having loved so deeply that I can love even better today than I ever have before.
"My superpower is my authenticity, in not allowing life’s pains to shape me into someone I am not. Even when I am walking through the dark, I will myself not to hold onto it. Hullo. I thrive in light hunnnay [star emojis] (sic)"