Jenna Dewan waiting to see how body reacts to third pregnancy

Jenna Dewan is waiting to see how her body reacts to being pregnant for the third time.
The actress and dancer, 43, who recently announced she was expecting another child with her actor partner Steven Kazee, 48, said that even though the experience was making her feel “alive again” she had no idea how it would impact her physique.
She told Romper magazine: “I’ve just entered the second trimester, and I feel alive again.
“I’m not sure the body necessarily gets right back into action the way it did years ago. We’ll see.
“I’ll report back, but I do think there’s a bit of ignorance, this dancer in me that just says, ‘OK, well, you just get it done.’
“I’ve recovered great every time, but I’m open to whatever happens.”
Jenna was previously married to Channing Tatum, 43, from 2009 to 2019, and announced she is expecting her third baby by posting a video on her Instagram showing her partner Steven serenading her as she lay in a bubble bath and stroked her baby bump.
She and Steve already have son Callum, three, and the actress has a daughter named Everly, 10, who she had in 2013 with her ex-husband Channing.
Jenna is continuing to shoot her role on the fourth season of the long-running ABC police procedural drama ‘The Rookie’ during her latest pregnancy.
She added to Romper she feels like she is “professionally engaged” to her partner Steven as they have been planning to get hitched for nearly four years.
And Jenna told how her son Callum has no patience when it comes to seeing his sibling arrive.
She said: “(I told Callum) when the baby is ready, the baby comes out. And he’s like, ‘I want the baby right now. Can you just pull it out of your mouth?’
“Steve and I died laughing.
“I said, ‘I wish, baby. That would be amazing if we could pull it out my mouth. But no, it definitely goes a different way.’”